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2022 Solicitors Community Conference

The ICAEW Solicitors Community held its third Virtual Solicitors Conference on 13 September 2022. In a break from the forward-looking theme from recent years, the conference was split into two sessions, with four speakers from the morning session all pulled into one overarching theme of 'what happens when it all goes wrong'. For the rest of the day, speakers focused on technical issues and practice management issues.

SRA Accounts Rules – upcoming changes?

While no full formal review of the relatively new SRA Accounts Rules is underway (a review five years after implementation is planned) the SRA are due to consult on some proposed updates over the next few months.

Recruiting and retaining the new generation of talent

In this article, Michelle Howard, a skilled consultant experienced in engaging and advising professional sector firms across the UK explores ways in which you can recruit and retain the new generation of talent using your brand.

Cost increases create fresh challenges for legal firms

Last month’s vote by Criminal Bar Association members to end its long-standing strike ended a period of uncertainty, but its conclusion has created a new set of financial challenges for the legal sector.

The impact for law firms of rising interest rates

Few of us can escape the cost-of-living crisis which is having an impact on almost all areas from fuel to basic shopping prices. The climb in inflation, which is at a 30 year high, will affect business as well as us individually. Under monetary policy, the Bank of England has adopted regular incremental increases in interest rates, which at the time of writing sit at 1.75%. Such rises may be passed on to all businesses that are borrowing, including law firms, but there is also the issue of legal practices accounting for interest under Rule 7 of the SRA Solicitors Accounts Rules.

Cash is reality when it comes to law firm success

Managing cashflow in this new financial reality.

What is all the fuss about cash and lock up in law firms?

Law firms have reported strong financial performance over the last 12-18 months in respect of both revenue and profits. Further challenges posed by Brexit aside, the sector is well placed to keep up this momentum in the medium term.

2021 Solicitors Community Conference

The ICAEW Solicitors Community held its second Virtual Solicitors Conference on 14 September 2021. The theme of the conference was “Paving the way – moving forward from the last 18 months”, and we were delighted to welcome a tremendous line up of expert speakers from across the legal sector.

How will the economic crime levy affect your firm?

What you need to know.

Interim SRA Accounts Rules reviews – why leave it all to after the end year?

Hardly has the ‘ink dried’ on the year-end report than we start thinking about and planning for the current year.

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