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ICAEW Business Advice Service

Grow your business with trusted business advice

The ICAEW Business Advice Service (BAS) provides a free consultation to businesses seeking trusted business advice.

Find a BAS firm or Chartered Accountant



Free expert guidance, with no obligation


Tailored support for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small and medium businesses


Help future-proof your business with trusted business advice

Why choose a BAS firm

Did you know that anyone can provide accountancy and taxation services, regardless of whether they have specialist experience, technical skills, qualifications or professional indemnity insurance?  

Now more than ever, businesses need sound professional advice to ensure they are optimally financed and structured to take advantage of government’s support programmes, and to emerge from the current challenges able to thrive and grow in the future.  So if you're thinking of using the services of an accountant, always look for someone who has a professional qualification, and check what qualifications and experience they have. Appointing an ICAEW-regulated firm will ensure you are taking advice from someone who is qualified, committed and accountable.

ICAEW has played a leading role in the accountancy profession for more than a century and works to protect the public interest by making sure its firms, members, students and affiliates maintain the highest standards of professional competency and conduct.

ICAEW Chartered Accountants advise over 3m businesses, helping them achieve their financial and strategic goals and driving their economic growth.

If you’re an ICAEW firm and want to sign up to the BAS service please go to Join ICAEW Business Advice Service

Find your BAS firm

1. Go to the Find a Chartered Accountant website.

2. Enter your location and click 'Find'.

3. Filter the results using the ‘Show only BAS firms’ box on the bottom left of the screen. They will all have this logo next to them:

BAS icon

4. Contact your chosen firm.

Search for a BAS firm
  • 1. Who can take up this service?

    This service is open to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small or medium-sized business.

  • 2. How do I know if a firm will offer a free initial consultation?

    Firms who participate in the BAS scheme will have the bas logo  BAS icon  next to their name in the official online directory for ICAEW Chartered Accountants, ICAEW‐licensed individuals, and ICAEW licensed/accredited firms at find.icaew.com

  • 3. How does the consultation happen and how long does it take?

    Your consultation could take place by video conference, over the telephone or even by email: you can agree the format that works best for you. Meetings are typically around one hour.

  • 4. How much does it cost?

    The initial consultation is completely free of charge and without any obligation.  

  • 5. What happens if I need more advice afterwards?

    All the firms in the BAS scheme are regulated by ICAEW and can offer a broad range of professional advice and services. Your initial consultation is free, however if you wish to continue using the firm you will need to agree what services they will provide, together with their fees.

  • 6. Why is it important to use an ICAEW regulated firm?

    ICAEW has played a leading role in the accountancy profession for more than a century. All of our chartered accountants are qualified and regulated. They provide their specialist advice and services to the highest professional levels and comply with our principles-based guidance and standards on matters including ethics, professional indemnity insurance, and quality assurance.

    We monitor our members (ICAEW Chartered Accountants), member firms and the non-member affiliates we authorise to ensure that they follow our guidance and standards, plus appropriate laws, regulations and standards. ICAEW also has well-established policies and easy to access procedures in place to handle complaints, in the unlikely case that they should occur.