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Become a ICAEW BAS firm

Use the BAS logo to promote your practice and attract new clients

Provide a free initial consultation, without obligation, and get connected with owners of small and medium-sized businesses looking for accountancy and business advice.

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What is BAS

ICAEW chartered accountants currently advise over three million businesses in the UK.

As part of its public interest agenda ICAEW launched the Business Advice Service (BAS) in 2011. The BAS service provides any UK business with a free initial consultation, of up to one hour, with an ICAEW regulated BAS firm.

Businesses can use this consultation to seek information on a wide range of topics, typically business finance, cash flow management, growth strategy, and restructuring/insolvency.

In the extreme current circumstances caused by the Coronavirus pandemic we see this service as providing a lifeline for many businesses seeking help and clarification on their best chance of business survival and future sustained growth.

Firms have found BAS a useful vehicle for connecting with potential new clients, to showcase their services and reinforce the benefits of choosing a qualified and regulated accountant.


Sign up to become a BAS firm today and benefit from:

  • our national and local publicity campaigns to small businesses
  • an inclusive subscription to the Practitioner Business Adviser Community, providing business advice and recovery resources at your fingertips
  • guidance on how to conduct the initial consultation
  • use of the official BAS logo on your website and business stationery
  • a BAS highlighted listing in the Find a Chartered Accountant Directory
  • use of BAS promotional materials to advertise your participation in the BAS scheme

If you’re a small business looking for business advice please visit icaew.com/bas

  • How do I sign up?

    Complete this simple form and we’ll be in touch once your application has been reviewed.

  • What’s involved in being a BAS firm?

    You commit to providing a free initial consultation, of up to one hour, to any UK small or medium sized business.

    You get to use the official BAS logo in your advertising and your business communications and automatically have the BAS logo added to your listing on the Find a Chartered Accountant Directory at find.icaew.com

  • What should I cover in the initial consultation?

    We suggest you use this consultation to provide useful information to the business, and to discuss relevant services they may want to use you for in the future (as a paying client).

    Note that without a formal appointment from the client, bespoke advice must not be provided in the initial consultation.

    View more information about how to manage the initial consultation.

  • Can I charge for my services?

    The initial consultation must be provided free of charge and without any obligation.  However, it is an opportunity to discuss with the business the relevant services you provide and how they can engage your firm for paid advice and services in the future.