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2020 ICAEW Representations

Read the latest representations ICAEW has made to governments and other bodies on behalf of our members. Access them here in order of release.

ICAEW REP 113/20 BEPS Pillar one and two blueprints

ICAEW's response, dated 14 December 2020, to a consultation published by OECD on 12 October 2020 outlining proposals to Pillars One and Two. The proposals focus on providing international consensus for taxing the digital economy.

Open Letter to IAASB - Audits of Less Complex Entities

ICAEW has written an open letter to the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) highlighting the importance of IAASB's proposed auditing standard for less complex entities (LCEs) to the world's smaller entities and highlighting our support for this project.

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