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2021 ICAEW Representations

Read the latest representations ICAEW has made to governments and other bodies on behalf of our members. Access them here in order of release.

ICAEW REP 103/21 Reporting rules for digital platforms

Proposals to require digital marketplaces to report sellers’ incomes to HMRC could impose significant burdens, cautions ICAEW in this consultation response. The plans highlight the complexity of compiling accurate data and the need for broader tax reforms.

ICAEW REP 97/21 Spending review 2021 - A financial platform for delivery

A submission in advance of the Autumn 2021 Spending Review dated 30 September 2021 by the ICAEW Public Sector team in response to an invitation issued by HMT on 7 September 2021. The submission argues it is vital that the Spending Review establishes a firm financial platform for the government to deliver on its plans and that the three principles of Stable Funding, Fiscal Resilience, and Financial Capability should be at its heart.

ICAEW REP 95/21 Autumn Budget 2021 representations - Building a modern tax system

A response dated 5 October 2021 to a consultation published by HMT on 30 September 2021, including ICAEW’s Tax Faculty customary pre-Budget letter to the Financial Secretary to the Treasury. It calls for the acceleration of work to build a modern tax system, while urging a “manageable pace” of transition, it cautions against implementing tax changes without consultation, such as the new Health and Social Care Levy.

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