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Ethics Standards Committee

About the committee

The Ethics Standards Committee is responsible for overseeing the ICAEW's ethics activities including the evolution of the ICAEW Code of Ethics. The committee coordinates ICAEW’s interaction with and representations to external bodies such as the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants on matters relating to ethics. It works to identify emerging issues and areas of work on professional ethics that are relevant to members and ICAEW’s public interest perspective and acts as a source of expertise on ethics for other ICAEW boards, committees and departments. The committee comprises a combination of ICAEW members (and non-members with appropriate expertise) from business, practice and academia, and from different size organisations.

Leadership team

Victoria Andrew
Victoria Andrew Committee Chair

Nicola Shield Committee Vice Chair

Current members

Committee member  Contact
Junaidy Ab-Mutalib LinkedIn
Sahir Akbar LinkedIn
Anita Aul LinkedIn
Neil Campbell LinkedIn
Chris Ellis  
Moira Hindson LinkedIn
David Isherwood LinkedIn
Athanasios Karanthanos LinkedIn
Geoffrey Little LinkedIn
Chris Megone  
Amanda Morrison LinkedIn
Monica Odysseos LinkedIn
Lucy Penrose LinkedIn
Gurdip Sandhu  
Toby Sydenham LinkedIn
Shruti Verma LinkedIn
Brendan Weekes LinkedIn

Useful resources

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ICAEW's Ethics CPD course is designed to help you apply the Code of Ethics to everyday situations and uphold the highest standards of professional conduct.
ICAEW Ethics CPD course

This online course is designed to help you apply the ICAEW Code of Ethics to everyday situations and counts towards your verifiable CPD hours.

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