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Reputation and Influence Committees

Maintaining our public standards

What we do

Members volunteer their time to serve on these bodies and they play a key role in ensuring that we sustain a strong reputation and influence with those who set the standards and law that shapes our members’ work.

Chartered Accountants’ work is shaped by regulation, standards and law. As a professional body working in the public interest ICAEW helps legislators and standard setters to assess the impact of their proposals on businesses and the economy. This technical work is a core activity for ICAEW. To help us to do it we have significant support from many members who volunteer their time to serve on our boards and committees as well as supporting our work in other ways.

The experience and expertise that members bring helps us provide informed comment to standard setters, regulators and government. That helps them to develop standards and legislation that is fit for purpose. It also enables us to provide insight into a wide range of topics and policy areas affecting the profession, from public finances and responsible capitalism to social mobility and international leadership.

Boards and main technical committees

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Technical Advisory Committee

National TAC is one of ICAEW’s oldest and largest committees. It functions as a forum for collecting the views of ICAEW members from different roles and locations around the UK on technical consultations of particular significance to members.

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Technical Strategy Board

This is the lead board for ICAEW’s technical strategy, reporting to ICAEW’s Board. It oversees ICAEW’s technical policy work; our thought leadership; and, our know-how resources for members.

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Faculty boards

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Audit & Assurance Faculty

The Faculty is at the forefront of developments in audit and assurance. It makes representations to standard setters and government on auditing and assurance matters.

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Corporate Finance Faculty

The Faculty is the voice of ICAEW on corporate finance. The faculty's work includes responding to consultations, keeping members up to date and providing useful resources.

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Corporate Reporting Faculty

The Faculty helps guide members through reporting requirements and provides them with guidance and resources. It is also responsible for formulating ICAEW policy and external representations in this area .

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Financial Services Faculty

The Faculty is a thought leader on financial reporting and assurance in financial services. It is responsible for representations on behalf of ICAEW on governance, regulation, risk management, auditing and reporting issues in financial services.

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Tax Faculty

The Tax Faculty is a centre for excellence and an authoritative voice for ICAEW on taxation matters, responding to consultations on potential changes to tax policy and practice. It offers guidance and support to help keep members on top of the ever-moving world of tax.

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Tech Faculty

The Tech Faculty is responsible for ICAEW policy on issues relating to technology and the digital economy. The Faculty draws on expertise from the accountancy profession, the technology industry and other interested parties to respond to consultations from governments and international bodies.

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Other principal technical committees

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Business Law Committee

The Committee helps ICAEW in its mission to improve the regulatory environment. It examines where it succeeds, where it fails and how it could be improved.

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Corporate Governance Committee

The Committee is responsible for corporate governance matters. It informs our thought leadership, policy work, and external representations in this area.

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Ethics Standards Committee

The Committee is responsible for overseeing the ICAEW's ethics activities. It works to identify emerging issues and areas of work on professional ethics and acts as a source of expertise for other ICAEW boards, committees and departments.

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Insolvency Committee

Insolvency Committee which is a technical committee made up of Insolvency Practitioners working in large, medium and small practices. The Committee represents the views of ICAEW licence holders.

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Research Advisory Committee

The Board is responsible for advising on the selection and funding of academic research and events.

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Sustainability Committee

The Committee is responsible for overseeing of ICAEW's strategy and policies on sustainability and for reviewing the sustainability aspects of other committees. It coordinates ICAEW interactions with external bodies on sustainability matters.

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