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September 2021 Professional Level exam notices

We are here to support you throughout your ACA journey, to ensure you have everything you need for your upcoming Professional Level exam we have provided the tips below.

Exam resources

Study guides, question banks, past exams, webinars and more. Designed to help you prepare for your exam.

Exam practice software

To improve your experience of accessing the practice software while studying towards your September Professional Level exams, you have been allocated access to the online practice software. This means you can use this instead of downloading the packaged software to use offline.

If you are already using the online practice software, you are free to continue using your current log in details, or you can choose to follow the guidance below.

To access questions from the question banks in the practice software, please use this link. Your username is the letter Q + your ICAEW student number eg, Q1234567. The password is qb2021

To access mock exams in the practice software, please use the same link as above. Your username is the letter M + your ICAEW student number eg, M1234567. Please contact your tuition provider to receive the password(s) for your mocks. Should you not be in tuition please contact learning@icaew.com.

We hope that this will improve your experience of accessing and using the practice software. Feedback on this is welcome and should be emailed to learning@icaew.com.

Data analytics software

You can find guidance and the practice dataset for the Audit and Assurance exam here

Resit guidance

Exams in 2021 include a number of new features and software. If you sat a Professional Level exam in 2020 and are now resitting in 2021 we have developed guidance to support you with this transition.

Exam systems status page

Our exam systems page displays alerts, issues and updates relating to our exam systems. We recommend you check this page frequently for any updates.

What you need to do before your exam

Exam applications summary

Make sure you carefully review your application summary and make a note of your exam date, time, venue address (where applicable) and your candidate number. You can also print your application details.

Instructions to candidates

Find all the information you need before the big day, including what you can take into your exam and the rules you must follow. View the instructions to candidates here including additional Covid-19 instructions for specific locations. 

ICAEW Bookshelf - have you registered correctly?

Please check you have registered correctly for the ICAEW Bookshelf. You need to register using your existing ICAEW credentials. If you selected ‘new user’ at the registration stage your account will not be linked to your ICAEW account. This will result in your learning materials not being available via the ICAEW Bookshelf during open book exams.

You can check if you have registered correctly by logging into your ICAEW Bookshelf using the account details you use to access areas on icaew.com such as your training file. If you are not able to log in using those credentials, or you can log in but find your bookshelf is empty, please contact student support who will investigate moving your learning materials. Moving your learning materials will result in losing any notes and/or highlights you have made, however it will ensure you can access your learning materials within your open book exams.

Permitted texts

For exams with permitted texts, you will no longer take a hard copy of the publication into the exam. You will have a tab in the exam that takes you to the publication. This can be opened alongside the question and answer and will have a search functionality.

For open book exams, you will have a link to your ICAEW Bookshelf that will allow you to view all purchased learning materials. You can also take any relevant hard copy notes into the exam, subject to desk space restrictions.

Reminders if you are sitting your exam via remote invigilation

System check and exam link

You will receive your system check and exam link from amadmin@rm.com two weeks before your exam, make sure you check your junk folder. If you do not receive this, please contact our student support team as soon as possible. Please ensure you complete your system check before sitting your exam.

URLs for whitelist

If you are using your employer’s laptop or computer to sit an exam via remote invigilation, we recommend asking your IT department to whitelist the following URLs:

  • ICAEW Bookshelf - https://bibliu.com/users/saml/ICAEW 
  • RM single sign on - https://icaew-am.assessor.rm.com/ 
  • Proctor exam - https://icaew.proctorexam.com/ 
  • Data analytics software - https://icaew21.inflosoftware.com/ 
  • ICAEW single sign on - https://www.icaew.com/ 

Preparing for your exam video

View this video to see a demonstration of the system checks and onboarding process.

Remote invigilation checklist

View this guide which contains useful information for your exam. You may print this off and take it to your remotely invigilated exam.  

Exam start time

You can view your exam start time within your exam application summary. Your exam start time on exams online is displayed in your local time.

Do not start your exam before the time stated within your application summary. At the start time, click on the exam link which has been emailed to you and complete the onboarding process. You will then be asked for a unique user ID and password, which will be given to you once you have finished onboarding. Use these credentials, not your ICAEW username and password, to begin the exam.

Web browser

The exam will only run on the latest version of Google Chrome. It is not supported on any other browser, such as Firefox or Chromium.

Further guidance

For further guidance on remote invigilation please visit this webpage.

After your exam

Special consideration 

If you feel that your performance in an exam has been adversely affected by illness or other circumstances, you must complete the online form with any supporting evidence within seven days of your exam.

Getting your results

Receive your results by text or email. Update your preferences online using the ‘Manage result notifications and permission’ option by 17:00 (UK-time) on Friday 8 October, and ensure your contact details are up to date.