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Cloud technology has been around for decades, and yet uptake of cloud-based software has been slow.

A 2022 CaseWare report concludes that two-thirds of firms intend to adopt some form of cloud technology in the next two years, a trend that has been accelerated by the pandemic.

With the rise of hybrid work and the recruitment war in full-swing, firms that fail to adapt cloud-based software risk being left behind by their more progressive peers. That in mind, making the switch to cloud tech doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are three simple steps you can take towards making it happen.

Start with the Why

If you face opposition to upgrading the software within your firm, it’s good to come armed with the reasoning behind your convictions. There are many reasons why switching to cloud-based technology is worth the initial investment:

  • Cloud software is vital for the collaboration of remote and hybrid teams.
  • You’ll be able to collaborate with your clients in real-time, giving them up-to-date advice as soon as it’s needed.
  • Your colleagues and clients will be able to check their data anytime, anywhere—giving them peace of mind.
  • It helps eliminate human error when it comes to preparing reports and statements—integrations in the cloud are far more reliable than manual input into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The automation power of cloud computing can free up significant amounts of time, which you can then put towards the essential services that matter.
  • And it can help you up-sell these services. Not only will you be a better accountant to your clients, but your clients will be happy to invest more in your services.

In reaching the destination you’ve set for yourself, knowing your why will be an integral driver of progress.

Train your Team

Implementing a new piece of software isn’t just a case of making a purchase, and then presenting it to your teams. It’s a change management process, and should be managed as such. Empower your teams with time and resources to learn the technology, train their peers, and share their successes. Otherwise, you’ll be saddled with a piece of kit that no one knows how to use, or is enthusiastic about.

Make sure you have a plan in place. What’s the end goal? Who is in charge of getting you there? Are there training programs you can participate in? Many software suppliers offer things like kickstart calls and certifications, to help you on your journey. Take advantage of these.

Finally, don’t focus on the people you feel should be driving the change, based on title or seniority. Instead, allow anyone who is passionate about the new opportunity to lead the charge. They’re more likely to be successful than someone who’s an unwilling participant.

Iterate and Improve

Like many cloud software apps, Spotlight Reporting’s tools are frequently tweaked and improved, so you should be continually updating how you use them. Make sure you subscribe to receive product marketing updates, ask for training sessions, set aside time each week to learn about new features and hidden gems, and incorporate these into your processes.

Similarly, don’t be afraid to get to grips with all the ways a product could make your life easier. For example, Spotlight Reporting allows you to design and save report templates, so you can create future reports in a fraction of the time. Tweaking one of our pre prepared Industry Templates, or pulling a template together from scratch, allows you to both save time and iterate on your work. To get the best bang for your buck, you need to make sure you’re making the most of all the time-saving features your cloud software has to offer.

Finally, don’t forget to celebrate successes. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing team members achieve something new and innovative, and being able to emulate it yourself.

For more information about how Spotlight Reporting can save you time, money, and streamline your reporting processes, visit our website.

If you’d like to learn more about the basics of cloud computing, watch the ICAEW’s webinar “Cloud Computing 101”  on-demand now.