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Title Summary
Changing Perspectives – Identifying Bias and Microaggressions
During this webinar, our speaker Martin York will unravel the biases that shape our perception, explore the impact of micro-behaviours in our daily interactions and share actionable strategies that can foster an inclusive workplace environment.
The Black Talent Charter: nurturing success through inclusive practices
Creating a more inclusive workplace and implementing strategies for long-term visions.
Empowering Success: Inspirational Black Women Breaking Barriers
This empowering and educational summit aims to inspire the next generation of Black women to pursue successful careers in business & finance, while also addressing crucial topics such as diversity, equity, and financial literacy.
Sexism and misogyny in sport
Hear real life experiences from Tessa Sanderson CBE and Stephanie Hillborne OBE about sexism and misogyny in sport and how this translates to the workplace.
Unyielding determination: Richard Ratcliffe Richard Ratcliffe, husband of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and winner of ICAEW’s Outstanding Achievement Award for 2023, speaks about the mental anguish caused by is wife's imprisonment and being given a second chance to live a normal life.
Embracing authenticity: A journey of self-discovery, inclusion, and impact
Dame Inga Beale tells her trailblazing story as an openly out bisexual CEO. Learn more about her perspective on challenging societal norms and the fight to create a more accepting society. This event will explore the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, the benefits of diversity, and the challenges that LGBTQ+ individuals may face professionally.
Plotting your NED career: How ICAEW and NEDA can support your Non-Executive career
In the past the traditional approach to taking on a Non-Executive Director role or building a portfolio of roles was the domain of the retired professional man – often with a finance background. The demands of a board operating in a fast-changing business environment has led to people with new thinking and new capabilities coming into the boardroom. Diversity is now an essential ingredient and not just a pipedream and can cover a range of areas including gender, skills, experience, age and ethnicity. Where does the finance professional fit in and how should they prepare themselves for ‘going to market’ as an NED?
Making people count – Explore how to collect, examine and monitor social mobility data effectively
The benefits of having a socially diverse workforce are immense. This webinar will seek to inspire and empower you on your data collection journey that will enable you to make changes that improve your organisation's workplace diversity.
Behind the Lens – Awareness & Allyship
Join expert David Hull-Watters and explore the topics of allyship and inclusive communication and how they can help challenge bias and discrimination.
Black History Month
ICAEW celebrates Black History Month throughout October. We speak to Black members about their experiences in the profession, as well as highlight the role of Black members in the history of chartered accountancy.
Becoming conscious of unconscious bias
If you are serious about becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation this interactive session can help you start your journey of change.
Having difficult conversations at work
This session, produced by the Young Members’ Community, will look at when to raise difficult topics, why and how to do so. The session will be full of practical guidance to help you navigate these challenging situations that are both common and completely normal in a working world full of different people - helping both the organisation you work for and your career.
Improving the ethnic diversity of UK boards
In this session David Tyler – the new Chair of the review – will present the key findings of the latest, 2022, report and explore how succession planning, talent management and other initiatives can help ensure that talented people from minority ethnic groups can have successful careers at every level in companies, up to and including in the boardroom.
International Women’s Day interviews 2022
To celebrate International Women’s Day, Yelena Travis-Powell BEM (ICAEW Diversity and Inclusion Manager) talks to three inspirational women about this year’s theme #BreakTheBias. They each share their insights, experiences as well as moments that changed bias in the workplace, and also discuss steps organisations can take to combat additional and disproportionate effects of the pandemic on women in the workplace.
We all have a responsibility – racism and discrimination in sport, entertainment, and media
Explore racism and discrimination within the entertainment, media and sport industry and discuss what changes are being made within the various organisations to tackle these issues.
Diversity and inclusion conversations: inclusive recruitment
The first opportunity to make a workplace more inclusive is the recruitment process. Organisations benefit from ensuring inclusion is covered at each stage of the employee life cycle to ensure access to the best talent across all characteristics. In this webinar, Bailey Bell, Psychologist at Pearn Kandola, discusses the importance of an inclusive recruitment process for Accountancy firms and businesses, and takes a deep-dive into three core aspects.
From the sound of silence to my greatest blessing Hardeep Rai, CEO of Kaleidoscope Group, talks about his years jostling with the city’s financial elite and then seeing his world turn upside down, when his son Eshan was born severely disabled.
In conversation with award-winning actor/writer Lennie James Lennie talks about his childhood memories of being taken into care, the support of those who looked after him and helped shape who he is today, and why social mobility is so important for those from underprivileged backgrounds to climb the socioeconomic ladder.
Understanding Neurodiversity and its benefit to workplace culture Do you know the real meaning of neurodiversity and how best to support neurodiverse individuals to flourish in the workplace?
They/them/their – Understanding pronouns and their importance within an inclusive society
This webinar will help provide the context for understanding why respecting someone’s pronouns is so important in and out of the workplace.
Interview with Noel Quinn, Group Chief Executive, HSBC Listen to Noel Quinn, Group Chief Executive of HSBC, speak about the importance of diversity and inclusion and how HSBC supports this strategy.
In conversation with Nick Elston Hear Nick’s inspirational story on mental health and listen to the powerful, positive message he has to share. 
Supporting the wellbeing of yourself and others
Prioritising your own wellbeing is important and necessary to be able to have the spare emotional capacity to provide care and support to others.
Talking about Race and Inclusive Language Comfortably This webinar will equip colleagues with understanding, confidence and tools to become more comfortable talking about race and building a more inclusive culture.
International Women's Day Interviews In celebration of International Women’s Day Marcia Dyce, (Diversity & Inclusion Community Manager), talks to three inspirational female professionals, who share their personal journeys and 10 top tips for success. 
Embracing a sense of purpose Speakers including Dawn Butler MP discussed how we can collectively create a culture of equality and inclusion creating a workplace where everyone can advance and thrive.
Black History Month Interviews ICAEW features a series of videos showcasing some of our most inspirational black members. They share some of their experiences and insights on issues such as leadership, skills and intersectionality in the profession. 
Good Mental Health for You and Your Teams In his keynote at ICAEW’s Virtually Live conference, mental health consultant and speaker Nick Elston explained what good mental health management looks like.
Mid Life MOT This webinar looked at the idea of a Mid-Life MOT and focused on Health, Finance and Work as a way to take stock & plan for the future.
Emotional Intelligence for Success This webinar will help you to develop emotional intelligence and understand the link between emotions, thoughts, and behaviours.
Hidden Disabilities The aim of this webinar is to provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to allow you to be an ICAEW Disability Confident employee.
Mental Health – Stories, Stigma, Support Understand the different types of mental illness, how to combat stigma and what resources and support are available. Please sign up from the link above, it will give a great insight from people at different stages within their career and life.
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