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Exporting Community webinars and recordings

Webinars and other recordings for Exporting Community members.

The information in these webinars reflects the understanding of ICAEW at the time of recording but things may have changed since that time. You should consult the latest guidance alongside a viewing of these on-demand webinars.

Community webinars

Event Date Recording
New trade routes: top tips for exporting to China
Thinking of exporting products or services to new markets such as China? Join our webinar to find out how.
23 September 2021
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Indirect tax issues in a post-Brexit trading environment
In this webinar, MHA trade and export experts look at the current challenges still facing UK businesses as they trade post Brexit.
1 September 2021
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Exporting: E-Commerce VAT changes in Europe: get ready for the new tax regime
Stay up to date with the changes that are happening with the introduction of the new distance selling VAT regime in July 2021. Understand what the risk areas are, the new rules and how the One Stop Shop operates in the EU.
27 May 2021
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Exporting post Brexit, a deeper dive into rules of origin
In this practical webinar our speakers share the latest guidance on how the rules work, tariffs, documentation and declarations required, potential penalties and how businesses are coping with added difficulties around global supply chains.
25 March 2021
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Post-Brexit exporting: practical tales from the front
Hear the real-life practicalities of moving goods across border, MHA McIntyre Hudson on accounting for them and Ian Macleod Distilleries on their experiences of actually doing it.
12 February 2021 Listen again
VAT changes in Europe
This webinar in partnership with MHA MacIntyre Hudson discusses the VAT changes in Europe and what this will mean for UK businesses alongside how to deal with the changes impacted by Brexit.
10 December 2020 Listen again
Taking the financial risk out of exporting
Settle any uncertainty around exporting by looking at the finance options available to you.
4 November 2020 Listen again
An Exporters Guide to Brexit
This webinar, in partnership with MHA MacInytre Hudson, delivers insights into various types of export supply chain scenarios and highlights areas that UK businesses must consider as part of their Brexit planning to avoid unnecessary delays or compliance failures.
20 October 2020 Listen again
Demystifying exporting
Hear real life stories that will help you understand where to start and the potential pitfalls.
13 October 2020 Listen again

Other webinars

Event Date Recording
How to make your website more appealing and visible to overseas customers
Speaker - Susan Roe, Digital Trade Adviser, Department for International Trade.
18 February 2021
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Resilience First's webinar - What Brexit means for business - The outstanding questions
As the UK embarks on new trading relationships with the EU and the rest of the world, it is important that we consider the major questions and the practical challenges that emanate from the new operating environment if businesses are to continue to survive and thrive – the two essential ingredients of resilience.
20 January 2021
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Supply chain resilience after Covid and Brexit
The Institute of Export held a Q&A session with Bibby Financial Services, updating traders on the state of global trade as economies exit Covid-19 lockdowns and the UK adapts to new trade rules with the EU.
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Department for International Trade webinars

Event Date Recording
UK Transition - Webinar for exporters - Prepare your business for January 2021 (password: rVyJCfE9)
This webinar focuses on changes that businesses need to be aware of when trading with EU and non-EU countries from 1 January, including changes regarding the UK’s global tariff on imports, free-trade agreements, the generalised scheme of preferences, trade remedies and the Government Procurement Agreement.
17 December 2020
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This webinar is aimed at those who run or own retail business and their suppliers, excluding food and pharmaceuticals.
14 October 2020 Listen again
This webinar is aimed at those who run or own businesses in the automotive sector.
14 October 2020 Listen again
Metals and other materials
This webinar is aimed at those who run or own manufacturers and other supply chain companies that operate in the metals, ceramics, glass, paper, print and other materials focused industries.
20 October 2020 Listen again
Electronics and machinery
This webinar is aimed at those who run or own businesses operating in electronics, electrical goods, and machinery and component manufacturers.
21 October 2020 Listen again
Consumer goods
This webinar is aimed at those who run or own consumer goods businesses, including manufacturing and retail supply chain businesses (excluding food products).
22 October 2020 Listen again
Life Sciences 
This webinar is aimed at those who run or own life sciences business, including manufacturers and suppliers of medicines, medical devices, and their supply chain businesses; and business providing contract research and manufacturing services to pharma and medtech sectors.
27 October 2020 Listen again
This webinar is aimed at those who run or own construction businesses including: Merchants; Manufacturers; Housebuilders; Consultants; Engineers; Supply chain businesses.
28 October 2020 Listen again
This webinar is aimed at manufacturers of aerospace goods and providers of aerospace services, including aftermarket and maintenance, repair and overhaul services.
29 October 2020 Listen again