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Hawaii's contact member

Michael Dexter-Smith FCA

General Partner, Pine Brook Ventures & President & CEO, Xtremesoft inc.

Michael Dexter-Smith is the Contact Member for Hawaii. He is a point of contact for members' enquiries on living and working in Hawaii and works with ICAEW to promote our strategy and brand within Hawaii.


Michael got his degree from Surrey University in 1975 and then qualified with PW in Leeds in 1978.

He transferred to the PW Cleveland office; then Wellington NZ and finished his audit (and computer audit) life in Boston.

He joined the software company MSP as CFO; then bought his own Software Company and spent the next twenty years running and owning two other software companies, some of which were sold, others that go so close to going public. Michael was a leader in the metadata; embedded and big data markets.

He has built a portfolio of other investments through Pine Brook Ventures.

Michael is still active with the Association of Chartered Accountants in the US (ACAUS), after being the President in New England and then as the Executive Director.

Photo of Mike Dexter Smith FCA

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