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Message from Chair of Greater China Strategy Advisory Group, Sir David Li

Author: ICAEW

Published: 16 Jun 2022

Greater China Strategy Advisory Group, Hong Kong SAR Committee, and Younger Members Committee members can communicate with members in their region through quarterly newsletters. Below you will find the message from Sir David Li, Chair of ICAEW’s Greater China Strategy Advisory Group.

Message from Q2 2022
Sir David K.P. Li GBM GBS OBE JP

I am delighted to introduce you to the June 2022 edition of the ICAEW Hong Kong SAR newsletter, sharing news of the ICAEW’s latest initiatives and happenings, both locally and overseas.

Firstly, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Carlson Tong on behalf of us all. Carlson was honoured earlier this year with the profession’s most prestigious award, the ICAEW Outstanding Achievement Award 2022. The award recognises those who have made an exceptional contribution to both the profession and the wider community and is a tribute to Carlson’s outstanding career. He is the first Hong Kong SAR member to receive the award in 43 years, and we can all be extremely proud that “one of our own” was awarded this distinction.

We also celebrate the growth of our local membership and welcome new members who joined through the HKICPA Reciprocal Campaign. Both ICAEW and HKICPA are proud members of The Global Accounting Alliance (GAA), which was created to promote quality services, share information, and collaborate on critical international issues. We look forward to continuing our reciprocal agreement with HKICPA and working together to provide quality services to our members worldwide.

A major advantage of ICAEW membership is access to a wide range of online and in-person resources, supporting members across every aspect of our profession. These include special resources for younger members; information on technical and regulatory developments; advice on key issues, including ethics and governance; training courses; and online discussion communities on topical subjects. Three discussion groups that have been particularly popular this year include Data AnalyticsPersonal Financial Planning; and Climate Change.

ICAEW offices in London and Hong Kong SAR are committed to supplementing and expanding this already rich trove of resources, available to members free of charge for their personal and professional development. The Hong Kong SAR office has been particularly active in this regard, offering a large number of online and in-person events averaging one per week throughout the first half of this year, despite the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. These events have proved popular with members, who have taken advantage of the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge and network with fellow professionals.

ICAEW will continue offering a broad range of events and resources to meet your needs. So please keep an eye on our events calendar and make sure you take advantage of these valuable opportunities for professional development.

As we head into the second half of 2022, as ICAEW’s largest and fastest-growing region outside of the UK, everyone can be very proud of their membership in the ICAEW.

Sir David K.P. Li GBM GBS OBE JP
Executive Chairman, The Bank of East Asia Limited
Chair, ICAEW Greater China Strategy Advisory Group

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