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Refund policy

Internal ICAEW policy

Published: 19 Jun 2014 Updated: 02 Oct 2023 Update History

ICAEW's refund policy outlining how to cancel your order and claim your refund.

Cancellation and return of goods

We hope that you are pleased with the goods that you have ordered from us. However, if you aren’t happy, we do offer refunds as follows.

You can cancel your order within seven working days, even if you have already received your goods. We will refund the purchase price and any delivery charge.

If you no longer want the goods once you have received them, you can return them within 28 days. As long as you return the goods as new in their original packaging, we will refund the purchase price but not the delivery charge. If you return the goods in a condition that prevents us from re-selling them, we may not be able to give any refund.

If the goods you receive are defective or damaged, return them to us in their original packaging within 28 days. We will replace the goods or refund the purchase price and any delivery charge, whichever you prefer.

We do not give refunds for downloadable online products such as PDFs MP3 files etc.

Cancellation of an event booking


For Certificate Level, ICAEW CFAB and Certificate in Insolvency exam bookings:

  • To be eligible for a refund, students must cancel their exam at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time. View step-by-step guidance on cancelling an exam.
  • Any cancellations submitted within 24 hours of the scheduled start time will not be eligible for a refund. If a student is late for an exam or feel they are unable to attempt an exam for any reason, ICAEW will not class this as an exam attempt and they will not receive an absent result on their ICAEW exam record. However, the exam fee will not be refundable.
Refunds for exam bookings made more than three months in advance

Please note that if you originally booked and paid for your Certificate Level, ICAEW CFAB, or Certificate in Insolvency exam more than three months ago, you may not be able to cancel online and you may need to contact Pearson VUE Customer Services by phone during UK business hours.

For Professional and Advanced Level exam bookings:

During the exam session booking window:

  • Only during the exam session booking window can any modifications be made to a student's application including withdrawing, amending the exam(s) selected, changing the exam centre or moving to remote invigilation. Once the exam session booking window closes no further amendments can be made.
  • Students can withdraw during the exam session booking window, by going online to their exam application and selecting the modifying application option. When withdrawing during the exam session booking window students will be refunded their exam fee. Refunds are issued back to the original payment method within 20 working days of the booking window closing date.
  • ICAEW are unable to defer an exam or hold a credit on a student's account. A student will need to apply again at the next available session.

After the exam session booking window closing date:

  • Students do not need to notify ICAEW if they are unable to attend their exam(s).
  • If a student is unable to attend their exam(s) and wishes to be considered for a refund, evidence will need to be submitted via the online training file within 7 days of the examination date.
  • Refunds will only be considered with the following evidence:
    • Illness - appropriate personal medical evidence from a qualified medical doctor obtained and dated no later than 48 hours after the examination date.
    • Bereavement - a copy of the death certificate of the family member. A family member would be mother, father, spouse or partner, child.
  • If a refund is granted this will be provided back to the original payment method 20 working days after the exam date.
  • ICAEW are unable to defer an exam or hold a credit on a student's account. A student will need to apply again at the next available session.

Independent Student Registration

If you mistakenly register as an independent student rather than through your employer, we will give you a full refund. We will deal with each situation on an individual basis.

Pathways and general affiliate applications

If you withdraw your application before we have marked your papers or if we find that you are not eligible for membership, we will give you a full refund.

For Pathway applicants if you fail your papers, we will charge a £275 administration fee.

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

We do not offer refunds.

Subscriptions to faculties and communities

All refunds are considered on an individual basis.

To claim your refund

Please send the email receipt for your goods to refunds@icaew.com and explain why you want to return the goods.

If you can't find your email receipt, please email us the following information so that we can locate your order. We will need your contact details, full name, and estimated date of purchase, purchase price and the reason for returning the product.

You must email us within 28 days of receipt of the goods.

We will pay refunds in same the format that you paid for the goods.

Returns Address:

ICAEW MSD - Returns section Metropolitan House 321 Avebury Boulevard Milton Keynes MK9 2FZ UK