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Features from March 2020

New thinking, practical advice and professional insight.

Moving your offline meetings online

23 March 2020: Della Hudson is a veteran of running online courses and webinars and she shares her tips to help businesses using the technology for the first time.

The SWOT challenge the automotive industry

Not since Henry Ford perfected his first production line in search of a “faster horse” has the automotive industry faced such sweeping change. How is it standing up to the challenge?

Microfinance: how a little goes a long way

Accountants are vital to small-scale loan providers in countries without inclusive financial service frameworks, not just to deliver financing but also to limit the risks of fraud, writes David Adams.

What does AI have to do with finance?

The world is changing and technology is at the heart of that evolution. Here, we explore the intersection between finance and AI, and question how the two can work together.

How to make AI work for your business

Writer Nick Huber talks to two accountants about the AI that has worked for them, and takes a brief glimpse at when plans don’t pan out and criminals harness AI.

How AI is changing the roles in accountancy

Soon, more than half of accountants’ workload will be performed by machines. Not only do new skills need developing, but also new ways of thinking about the job, writes George Carey.

The risks of AI and how to mitigate them

The benefits of AI in accountancy are clear – from intuitive cyber security to help with menial tasks. Could these be outweighed by the threats it poses? Sam Shaw finds out.

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