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Latest ICAEW Insights and accountancy news for April 2021

All the latest news about ICAEW and the accountancy profession.

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How accountants should help businesses maintain strong ethics


An ethically sound operating environment depends upon close collaboration between finance professionals and their businesses or clients. Ethics Standards Committee member Vicky Andrew shares her experiences and highlights useful resources.

How can ICAEW support you in your retirement?


Retirement can offer significant opportunities for Chartered Accountants to pursue other interests, as well as giving back to the wider finance profession. Find out how ICAEW can help you make this transition.

Is private equity reshaping the profession?


The partnership model has long been the standard for accountancy firms, but with far-reaching challenges such as AI and staff retention looming over the profession, could PE investment be an alternative solution?

Tax checks for licence renewals expanding to Scotland and NI


Tax checks are needed before renewing certain licences on or after 2 October 2023. In Scotland this applies to licences to drive taxis and private hire cars, operate a booking office and to be a metal dealer. In Northern Ireland this applies to licences to drive taxis.

Tax news in brief 27 September 2023


Highlights from the broader tax news for the week ending 27 September 2023, including: student loan deductions and payrolled benefits; enhancements to HMRC’s use of open banking; and changes to probate phone lines.

ICAEW guide: generative AI’s role in accounting


Generative AI presents many opportunities, but also challenges for accountants. ICAEW’s Head of Tech Policy, Esther Mallowah, provides some views on how accountants should approach generative AI and why ICAEW developed its generative AI guide.

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