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Published: 02 Mar 2021 Update History

Experts from across ICAEW and the Tax Faculty will be providing reaction to Rishi Sunak’s Budget announcements on the day and sharing in depth analysis across the coming week.

From live updates on Twitter to the Tax Faculty’s comprehensive report detailing the tax-related announcements, ICAEW will be providing a host of content unpicking the Chancellor’s announcements on 3 March.

On the day you’ll be able to follow @ICAEW for initial reactions from across ICAEW or @ICAEW_Tax to hear the thoughts of the Tax Faculty.

In the afternoon, icaew.com/Budget will be updated with reactions from ICAEW’s Chief Executive, Michael Izza, along with Frank Haskew, Head of the Tax Faculty, Alison Ring, Director for Public Sector and Iain Wright, Director for Business and Industrial Strategy.

Each will outline the key announcements from their policy perspective, and ICAEW’s experts will then be working to provide more in-depth analysis of individual measures in the following days.

The Tax Faculty will be providing its comprehensive summary of all of the tax-related announcements in the budget which will be published on 5 March to coincide with their live webinar discussing the announcements. The webinar, which is free for all ICAEW members and Tax Faculty subscribers, will be streaming from 12:00.

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