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Highlights from the broader tax news for the week ending 13 July 2022, including: obtaining paper property disposal forms; a new HMRC manual; EU Commission consultation on VAT fraud; and simplification of transfer of residence relief claims.

Obtaining paper CGT property disposal forms

HMRC has confirmed to ICAEW’s Tax Faculty that if 64-8 authorisation is held, a paper CGT PPD form to report a disposal of UK residential property should be issued to the agent on request, when they phone the agent dedicated line. If authorisation is not held, a paper form should be issued directly to the client.

ICAEW members have reported that HMRC contact centres are generally refusing to issue paper CGT PPD forms when agents phone to request one. Instead, they are insisting that the taxpayer phones themselves to request a form. HMRC is issuing a reminder to all staff that they should issue the forms when requested by agents.

HMRC adds manual on using UK Trade Tariff Volume 3 for Customs Declaration Service

HMRC has published a new internal manual providing guidance on using the UK Trade Tariff Volume 3 for Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

The manual provides guidance on how to find information within the Tariff. It also provides a step-by-step guide on how to complete a CDS declaration.

The manual can be found at: Customs CDS Volume 3 Tariff, Step-By-Step Guide

EU Commission launches consultation on the fight against VAT fraud

The EU Commission has launched a consultation to evaluate the application of the administrative cooperation framework in the field of VAT. The administrative cooperation framework is intended to protect VAT revenue in all Member States, ensure compliance with laws on VAT and combat VAT fraud (particularly cross-border VAT fraud).
The consultation will focus on the tools introduced in 2018 to help tax authorities combat VAT fraud, including:
  • enabling Eurofisc to exchange process and analyse targeted information on cross-border fraud with IT tools, to cooperate with EU law enforcement bodies and to access vehicle-registration data; and
  • cooperation tools facilitating administrative enquiries between Member States and cooperation between tax and customs authorities.

Also within scope of the consultation are the application of the VAT e-commerce package (that took effect on 1 July 2021) and the VAT Information Exchange System.

The feedback period runs until 25 July 2022.

Simplification for individuals claiming transfer of residence relief

When an individual moves their primary residence to the UK, they can claim transfer of residence (ToR) relief, subject to certain conditions. ToR relief removes customs charges on personal belongings and other goods.

Currently, where a customs declaration is required, a commodity code must be provided for each of the goods being moved to the UK. With effect from 1 August 2022, individuals claiming ToR relief will be able to declare all items under a single commodity code.

For more information on this, the policy paper can be found at: Commodity codes when claiming Transfer of Residence relief

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