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Viewpoints on the news during January 2021

Opinions and news analysis, covering the worlds of business and accountancy.

Infrastructure investment: thinking in systems

1 February 2021: As part of a new series on infrastructure and the economy, ICAEW Insights speak to Dr Jennifer Schooling OBE, Director of the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction, to join the dots between infrastructure, the economy, the planet, technology and communities.

ICAEW marks LGBT+ History Month

1 February 2021: Recognising LGBT+ rights and empowering everyone to have a place in society is not only the right thing to do on a human level but also from a business perspective, writes ICAEW CEO Michael Izza.

Why auditors must lead themselves into the future

29 January 2021: The Brydon Review offers an opportunity for the profession to demonstrate initiative and drive the reform agenda with a bold and ambitious vision, argues Martin Martinoff, who leads the work on ICAEW’s Audit Manifesto.

The young auditor’s views on the future of audit

29 January 2021: Raheeq Ahmad is part of the next generation of auditors. He shares his views on the direction of travel for audit as part of a series of articles based on themes from ICAEW’s Audit Manifesto.

The small practice approach to the future of audit

29 January 2021: Barry Au moved from big firm audit into a director role at small practice Wisteria Accountants. He explains how collaboration, technology and how audit can contribute to the greater good, as part of a series of articles based on themes from ICAEW’s Audit Manifesto.

It’s time for audit to embrace change

29 January 2021: Katie Canell, Deloitte UK’s managing director for audit innovation is putting the principles of ICAEW’s Audit Manifesto into action. She explains why the time is now for the profession to act.

ICAEW technical round-up: January 2021

29 January 2021: This month’s top technical stories on ICAEW Insights include HMRC’s decision to waive late filing penalties for one month, help with common COVID-19 accounting and auditing issues, and a raft of Brexit news and guidance.

Is more competition the answer for audit?

29 January 2021: Maurice Stucke and Ariel Ezrachi, competition law professors and the authors of the book ‘Competition Overdose’, explain what healthy competition in business looks like as part of a series of articles on key themes from ICAEW’s Audit Manifesto.

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