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UK infrastructure: what’s in the pipeline for 2021 and beyond?

Author: ICAEW

Published: 09 Mar 2021

Explore our map of selected projects from the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline to see some of the planned work in the coming years – and what it will cost.

Investing in infrastructure is part of UK government plans to rebuild the post-COVID economy, and accountants will play a critical role in ensuring that projects are delivered on time and in budget.

The National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline, which was published in June 2020, provides long-term visibility of the government’s existing plans for economic and social infrastructure. ICAEW has produced an interactive map of selected projects in the pipeline, giving an overview of some of the contracts planned for the 2020/21 financial year and beyond.

What the map shows

The procurement pipeline includes 340 procurement contracts across over 260 projects, programmes and other investments.

Our map picks 30 of these projects with a contract value of at least £1m, giving a broad overview which spans across all areas of the UK and various sectors. There are at least two projects from each sector listed below.

The sectors included in the map

  • Transport
  • Works and Pensions
  • Justice
  • Utilities
  • Housing and Regeneration
  • Education
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Science and Research
  • Rural Affairs

Additional information

The overall pipeline is not a statement of need or a commitment to undertake all or any specific projects or programmes shown. All of the publicly funded elements of the infrastructure and construction pipeline are aligned with announced government projects or spending commitments. Details of Defence procurements have not been included.

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