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Choose from over a 100 virtual CPD courses across a wide range of topics to advance your and your team's career. Whatever your interest, development stage or skill gap, ICAEW Academy will have a CPD programme to accelerate your individual, business or practice performance.
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About CPD


What is CPD training?

Continuing Professional Development - or CPD - training covers a multitude of learning activities for professionals to develop and improve their skills and abilities. CPD courses provide you with the opportunity to identify gaps in knowledge and then address them through expert training. CPD courses at ICAEW are live virtual classrooms and can be delivered to your team in-house.


Should I do CPD during a career break?

A career break is a great time to take a CPD course as it gives you plenty of time to focus yourself on your training and to plan what you want to get out of it. Its extremely beneficial when it comes to maintaining your skills and knowledge so that you are prepared when you return to work.


What can I gain from CPD courses?

CPD training courses can help you break through a career plateau by sharpening your skills, keeping your knowledge up to date and helping you be better prepared for more responsibility. The training will give you more personal confidence and a better foundation for approaching new challenges.

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Business environment

Learn the key tools you need to effectively identify and reduce risk within your business.

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Business performance

Increase your strategic and commercial capability to generate robust business solutions.

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Corporate finance

Develop your knowledge and understanding of valuation and deal making through corporate finance.

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Corporate governance

Stay on top of the rapidly evolving corporate governance landscape and discover how to be a high-performing board director.

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Corporate reporting

Keep your technical skills sharp by staying up-to-date with these CPD courses.

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Personal impact

Take charge and increase your influence in the workplace by understanding and enhancing your impact.

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Data and technology

Get predictive and prescriptive analytical skills, harness big data, and transform finance to add value.

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Lead to inspire and learn how to build high-performing teams to achieve key strategic goals with our CPD training courses.

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