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Applying for jobs? Here is what you need to know

Searching for a job is sometimes a job in itself – it takes time and can be quite exhausting. Andreas, one of our ICAEW members, has five tips to make job applications if not fun, then at least a bit less daunting.

When searching for a job, the key competencies outlined in the job description provide a good overview as to whether the role is right for you. Having a good understanding of what your strengths are, but also which areas you may need to develop will help you prioritise which roles you apply for – starting with the ones you both like and have the right skills for.

Pay less attention to job titles and more to the key competencies and responsibilities for the role. Different companies use different names for the same job. For example, from my own experience, my job title is Chief Accountant, but I am, in fact Head of Treasury.