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Career advice

How can you make your job search more efficient and find the right role for you? What makes a good CV and what will help you stand out as a candidate? Explore the resources to find out more.

Job hunting

Getting started - 5 min. podcast

Simon Gray, ICAEW Chartered Accountant, outlines the four crucial elements to securing your business or finance job: environment; psychology; planning and process.

The job market environment - 15 min. podcast

Simon Gray looks at the job market and especially the importance of the ‘hidden market’ – this is the place where many job opportunities exist before ever being advertised.

The psychology of job search success - 12 min. podcast

How is having the right mindset essential to finding success in the job market? In this podcast, Simon is joined by Jonathan Firth, Managing Director Michael Page Finance.

The importance of planning your job search - 11 min. podcast

Host Simon Gray and his fellow industry experts explain the importance of planning your job search, how to develop a personal plan that is right for you, and how to stick to it to help ensure your success.

Your digital footprint - 3 min. read from CABA

Most employers will look at your digital footprint as part of their job-hunting tactics. Have you ever Googled yourself? CABA – the charity for ICAEW students and members – helps you understand how recruiters use your online presence as part of the recruitment process..

Making Linkedin work for you - 3 min. read from Bright Network

Discover five essential tips on how to get the wow factor on your LinkedIn account (or similar professional online network platform).

Working in a finance or accounting role?

Are you already working in a finance or accounting role and would like to start your ACA training? If your organisation is not authorised to train ACA students, we can authorise them through as free and straightforward process. Simply contact your local ICAEW Business Development team member.

Why working for a small company might be what you need - 5 min. read from Robert Half

Many job seekers want to work for well-known companies, but there can be many advantages to working for smaller companies and in some countries almost 80-90% of all jobs are in small businesses – so make sure you include smaller companies in your job hunting activities.

10 Tips for an effective networking strategy - 5 min. read from CABA

Networking is one of the most effective ways to find new career opportunities, whether you’re looking for a new role, returning to work after a career break, aiming for a promotion or looking to set up your own business.

CVs and Cover Letters

What do employers look for in your CV and cover letter? - 45 min. webinar

What does an employer typically look for in any recruit, which skills and behaviours do they see as critical and how you can demonstrate these on your CV or job applications?

How to show your skills and qualities - 30 min. webinar

What are some of these skills and behaviours that employers want to see and how do you demonstrate them on your CV?

Which action words will help you stand out? - 3 min. read

An employer may spend just 30-40 seconds looking at your CV or covering letter before they make a decision so using ‘action words’ in your applications can help your job success.  

What makes a great cover letter? - 5 min. read

A cover letter accompanies your CV application (and/or completed application form) and is a great opportunity to showcase your skills, your interest in the role and why you are a suitable candidate.

CVs that stand out and impactful cover letters - 13 min. podcast

‘Just as a movie trailer highlights the key elements of a film you’re considering watching, your CV shouldn’t tell your life story, but instead contain enough relevant information to grab the interest of the reader.’ 

Your personal profile - 5 min. read from Bright Network

The first few sentences on your CV/resumé are the first thing that a recruiter normally reads. It is your first opportunity to shine - your elevator pitch. Bright Network explains how to get it right. 
What makes a good personal profile on a CV?

A good CV layout - 13 min. video from Bright Network

A concise, well-formatted CV makes it as easy as possible for an employer to see your skills, achievements and personality. In this video, Bright Network explains why and how.


Delivering a first-class interview - 10 min. podcast

Experts explore the myths surrounding interviews and offer their top tips on how to make sure you perform at your best during an interview. They also discuss the importance of doing research for the interview and how to ask great questions that demonstrate your experience, knowledge and enthusiasm.  

Psychometric and numerical tests from Bright Network

Many employers will use some kind of test or assessment activity during the recruitment process – this could include personality tests, numeric reasoning and a wide range of other psychometric tests. Bright Network offers some practice tests you can use.  

Top tips for face to face interviews from Bright Network

These articles from Bright Network explain how to prepare for and master your next interview.  

Prepare for telephone or video interviews - 5 min. read from Bright Network

Find out how to prepare for and master your telephone or video interview.