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The fear of not getting a job


Published: 26 Jul 2022

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Applying for jobs and not getting one can be exhausting and you may feel like there's no end to this job-hunting phase. Here are our top tips to overcome your fears.

Applying for jobs can be exhausting and after the fourth or fifth rejection, it’s hard to see light at the end of the tunnel. At this point, you may start to believe that you will never get a job and that you'll be stuck in the dreaded job-hunting phase forever. So, how do you get over your fear? Here are some helpful tips:

1. Avoid comparisons

It may feel like you’re alone in your struggles, and that everyone around you has found a job - except for you. But what you forget is that in most cases you only get to see the result of their efforts, not their whole job-seeking journey. Remember: people are much less likely to shout about the many rejections they had to go through before eventually landing a job. 

2. Be honest with yourself

It can be very tempting to send out applications to hundreds of jobs and hope one of them will lead to a job offer. However, recruiters are quite good at spotting those who just want a job and those who want that specific job. So, take a step back, and ask yourself honestly: “Are my applications actually good?”. If the answer is no, then this might be why you’re being overlooked as a candidate. The good news is – by investing some time to tailor your application to the job, you may find you’re being invited to interviews more often.

3. Find a temporary job

You don’t need to settle, but finding a short-term job that you feel comfortable with can be a great confidence-booster. It may not be your dream job, but it can help you start believing in yourself again and take away some of the financial stress. 

4. Do something you are good at

Rejections can make you feel like you’re not good enough, or that you lack the skills everyone around you seems to have in abundance. It’s important to remind yourself that you have valuable strengths and you would be a great asset to company in your own way. 

5. Take some time off

Our brain can be our greatest enemy, and once the negative thoughts start, finding positive ones can seem impossible. So, sometimes, the only way to succeed in your goal is to remove yourself from the situation. It can be hard to do so, especially when it may not be feasible financially, but aim to prioritise your mental health when you can.