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Ethics and professionalism

The ability to behave ethically and sustainably whilst respecting others.

In more detail...

Ethics and professionalism is the skill of understanding the impact of your actions and ensuring that that impact is at all times positive. You may think that ethics only has to do with not doing something illegal - but it is much more complex than that. Ethics is in fact part of your everyday life- is it OK to lie to get out of an uncomfortable situation? Should you share with your friends information that someone gave you confidentially? 

In more detail, behaving ethically and professionally is about demonstrating:

Without even realising, we all have a small tendency to make decisions based on emotion. Are you able to set aside your objective point of view to see the bigger picture and decide based on objective facts? 

Are you able to recognise your faults, as well as your strengths and weaknesses to ensure the success of the project at hand?

That you value diversity
How do you deal with different perspectives and how do you make sure that everyone has the same opportunities as you? 

Can you see your role in protecting the environment and are you aware of what you can do to bring about positive change? 

Integrity and confidentiality
How likely is it that you will still do the right thing even when no one is watching? 

Professional behaviour
When faced with a challenging situation, do you have the ability to remain professional?

Why is it important? - Top 3 reasons:

  1. You build a positive reputation - employers and people you work and interact with want to know that you are a person who can be trusted.
  2. You are part of a whole - as you are not alone in the world, it is important that you recognise the impact you have on others.
  3. It helps you in difficult situations - if you train yourself to act ethically and responsibly at all times, it is more likely that you will recognise when something isn't right and will know how to respond and resolve a conflicting situation.