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Skills development

On ICAEW Careers+, we will keep adding articles and advice on how you can develop your professional skills, how they will help you achieve your goals and how you can demonstrate them on your CV.

Overview of the skills

What are they and why are they important? - 5 min. read

Gain a better understanding of the professional skills that will support you in achieving your goals and why they are important to your development.


What is teamwork? - 3 min. read

Teamwork is more than just working in a team - find out why the ability to collaborate is so popular with employers. 

How to put the "I" in team - 5 min. read

Business and accountancy experts share their tips on how to excel as a good team player. 


What is communication? - 3 min. read

From writing an email to presenting to an audience, explore this extremely important skill that will help you become better in your personal and professional life. 

How to avoid communication overload - CABA - 5 min. read

How many of the conversations that you have on a daily basis would you consider meaningful? Or do you find yourself struggling with the burden of keeping in touch? Find out how you can avoid communication overload.

How to present with presence - VITAL - 5 min. read

A good public speaker can change the world. While there’s no secret recipe for a perfect speech, there are several ingredients they all have in common. 

Decision making

What is decision making? - 3 min. read

A sought-after trait in any candidate or entrepreneur, find out more about the decision making skill that will help you stand out. 

Data Analytics community - Join for free 

Find out how to use data to inform your decision-making, and how to use powerful analytical tools and present data visually to communicate insight and provide informed decision support. 

Adding value

What does "adding value" mean? - 3 min. read

Perhaps the most complicated skill to develop and to demonstrate, it is also the one that will help you progress in your career the most. Explore the skill in more detail.

Build your resilience - CABA - 1h 30 min. webinar

Discover tips to become more resilient - helping you recover more easily from unexpected change and stressful life experiences. 

Ethics and professionalism

What does being ethical and professional mean? - 3 min. read

A key skill in any profession, find out what being ethical and acting professionally means. 

Develop your self-awareness - CABA - 1h 10 min. webinar

Being conscious of who you are and how you come across is a skill, one which will help you to achieve more success in today’s world. Listen to the webinar to find out how you can become more self-aware.

Problem solving

What is the skill of problem solving? - 3 min. read

Explore more about what it means to be an efficient and effective problem-solver. 

Technical competence

What is technical competence? - 3 min. read

How can you be technically competent and is it a transferrable skill? 

Develop your Excel skills - Mini series

In a mini-series, Excel specialist David Lyford-Smith explores the key functionalities of excel and shares his top tips and shortcuts.