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The ability to work collaboratively as a member or leader of a team in order to achieve shared goals.

In more detail...

Teamwork is not just the skill of working within a team, because you simply had to! It has to do with how well you can work with others to achieve a positive result.

Collaborate with others and ask for help
Are you able to work with others efficiently? And do you feel confident enough to ask for help when you need it? These are both signs of a good team-player.

Value diverse perspectives
The truth is, you will not always see eye-to-eye with your colleagues or fellow students - and you don't necessarily have to. However, you do need to have the ability to value and appreciate different points of view and find a way to use them to develop as a person and professionally. 

Show empathy
When working with others, you will come across different personalities and you need to take this into consideration to ensure you have considered the feelings of your team mates and adjust your working style if necessary.

Allocate tasks and resources and deliver tasks under pressure
Everyone has a role within a team and your role might be to ensure that the task at hand is delivered on time. This means that you will have to manage time, people and yourself to achieve this.

Why is it important? - Top 3 reasons:

  1. "No man is an island" -  you may have heard this before. Even if you don't work within a team, you will always rely on getting along with others to be the best at your job.
  2. It will help you develop other professional skills as well - by collaborating and working with others, you also develop your emotional intelligence, your communication skills and an open mind.
  3. You become better - by working with others you also develop a better understanding of your own role and responsibilities, which can be motivating and crucial to your own development.