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Board Directors' Programme

In today's complex and volatile business landscape there’s an increasing scrutiny on the role and performance of the board. In response to these increasing expectations on the stewardship and performance of individual board directors, as well as the expectations on overall board performance, ICAEW has created this Board Director’s Programme, in collaboration with The Non-Executive Directors' Association.

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Benefits of learning

This online programme provides a benchmark framework of the skills and competencies required of a high performing Board director.

ICAEW’s specialist training films

Full length versions of ICAEW’s specialist training films False Assurance and Without Question, together with our workshop materials re-purposed for an online learning environment.


A self-assessment diagnostic to identify your skills gaps, and a personalised summary report to download and keep


An overview of the latest governance codes, regulations and standards.


Examples of the ethical challenges board directors may face, and a framework to help you work through them.


Optional one-to-one telephone coaching/mentoring sessions.


Inclusive subscription to ICAEW’s Corporate Governance Community.


A wealth of ICAEW learning and CPD planning resources


Discounted programme

All ICAEW members can benefit from a 50% discount on the Board Director’s Programme. Please log in to reveal your discount code to apply at checkout.

The Board Directors' Programme includes:

1. ICAEW CPD Cycle

An overview of ICAEW’s CPD framework and timelines.

2. The changing governance landscape

The first reflective activity is a short webinar - The changing governance landscape - with downloadable reading materials. It’s a ‘tour de force’ of the latest governance codes, regulations and standards, whilst setting the scene for the rest of the programme.

3. ICAEW training films

Your board role and competencies - an insight into the different roles on a board, and a framework setting out the knowledge, skills, attributes and experience expected of a high performing board director; and full length editions of ICAEW board training films – The award winning False Assurance and Without Question - bringing to life the essential skills and behaviours needed at board level. These films are a core part of this Board Director’s Programme and have been used by firms and boards all over the world.

4. Fundamental principles of professional ethics

Where you will be able to refresh your knowledge of the ICAEW Code of Ethics and how to apply it.

5. Identify your competency gaps

After completing these initial learning activities, the Identify your competency gaps module will help you reflect on the areas you need to focus your CPD on. Complete the diagnostic then download your personalised summary report.

6. Optional executive mentoring sessions – choose from three packages

The programme offers optional telephone/Skype coaching/mentoring sessions with one of our experienced executive coaches. During these individual and confidential sessions your coach will work with you to assess your performance and help you focus on identifying your personal goals and further development needs.

7. Select your schedule your CPD act activities

You are now in a position to select further CPD activities relevant to your specific needs in the Select and schedule your activities module. We’ve curated relevant learning resources for you to choose from to get you started. This is not an exhaustive list and you are free to include other CPD activities from other sources. The important thing is to make a commitment to learning and schedule the activities into your calendar.

8. CPD Record

As an ICAEW member (or a member of another professional body) you need to keep a record of your CPD. The CPD Record form not only helps you keep a record of what you have done, but also a record of what you have learned and critically reflected upon. It will act as evidence that you’ve complied with your CPD obligations.

9. Making your CPD declaration

For ICAEW members, find the link to make your CPD declaration for the 12 months between 1 November and 31 October. This is due by 31 January of the following year.