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Register for ICAEW CFAB

To start studying for the ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business you need to register with ICAEW with us as an ICAEW CFAB student. You don’t need to satisfy any formal academic entry requirements to start your studies.

Step 1: Check there is an exam test centre near you

ICAEW CFAB exams are examined by computer-based assessment and must be taken at an approved exam test centre. So, before you register as a student, you need to make sure there is an approved exam centre near you.

  • If you plan to study ICAEW CFAB through a tuition provider, many will have on-site exam centres or are affiliated to an approved exam centre where you will automatically be sent to take your exams.
  • If you plan to study ICAEW CFAB on your own (without the support of a tuition provider), then you will need to make sure there is an approved test centre near you. Find your nearest exam centre through the Pearson Vue network.

We do not have ICAEW CFAB exam test centres in all countries, so please check carefully that there is a centre near you.

Step 2: Register online

Once you have found an exam centre near you, your next step is to register with us as an ICAEW CFAB student. You will not be able to take any of the exam assessments until you have registered as a student.

Once you have registered, you will be given an ICAEW student number and website login. Please keep these details safe as you will need both to book your exams and to access your exam results.

Are you still at university?

If you are still at university and want to study ICAEW CFAB alongside your degree, you can register with our University Student Scheme and pay just £20 ICAEW CFAB student registration fee (saving you £145). You must still be studying at university to benefit for this scheme.

Are you an ACA student?

As an ACA student who has already completed the first six ACA exams, you can gain the ICAEW Certificate of Finance, Accounting and Business (ICAEW CFAB) as part of your studies. 

Please note

The Accounting module is compulsory for all CFAB students except for:

  • AAT qualified individuals who have also passed the ACA Financial Accounting top-up paper, or
  • university graduates who have passed the ACA Financial Accounting and Reporting module, or who have passed the previous ACA Financial Accounting module.

Cost of studying

Registration fee

£180 (+ VAT) - this is a one-off fee payable at the point of registration

Please note from 01 January 2023, the annual student fee will be £185+VAT

£20 one off fee - for students still at university through our ICAEW Student Scheme


£75 per exam

The exam fees are changing from 01 July 2023 to £80 per exam

Learning materials

2022 learning materials are £33 per subject

2023 learning materials are £34 per subject

Tuition Costs may vary by location, study option chosen and by tuition provider