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False Assurance® licence

Thank you for choosing False Assurance.

Your licence for False Assurance, the commentary version, gives you:

  • Use of False Assurance for three years (from date of purchase) for the purpose of training partners, directors and staff.
  • Training materials comprising questions to prompt discussion and a guide to the characters in the film.

Your licensed copy of False Assurance


As per the terms of your licence agreement, it is prohibited to forward the link to False Assurance or to send a copy of the film to anyone outside of the licence entity.

Workshop guide and resources

False Assurance explores issues and dilemmas you face in your day-to-day work. To get the most from False Assurance, we recommend that you watch it with a group of people and discuss the issues that arise during the film.

The 'False Assurance who's who' below is a guide to the characters in the film. You may find it useful to print a copy of this and keep it to hand when you watch the film.

False Assurance consists of four parts. At the end of each part, pause the film and discuss what you have just seen. Download the list of suggested questions below to help you with these discussions. Once you press play again, listen to the commentary before moving onto the next part of the film.