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What is Without Question® about?

‘Sometimes you just get too close. Assume too much. Don’t ask that extra question…and regret it.’

This statement is relevant to many characters in Without Question. The Holt family are the founding shareholders of a hotel development and management company but are at war with each other on the future strategy for the company and Robert Holt’s indulgence of his son, Sebastian. Launching an IPO seems at first to be a neat way of ending the war but it puts the company and its auditors and other professional advisers under strain and comes back to haunt them.

Martin Jelani thinks it will be just another waste of his time giving a free tax lecture at his firm. However, his day gets a lot more interesting when he thinks he might have sparked interest in a relief claim from Rapston Hotels.

Will Jackson is tired of being caught in the crossfire during every audit engagement at Rapston so is pleased to hear of the IPO. But he underestimates the pressures it brings and the impact on his team. The last thing he needs is for Karen Walker, Rapston’s FD, to pursue an aggressive tax relief claim championed by a rival firm (while also at the same time undertaking Rapston’s first foreign hotel development). Poor Will doesn’t realise he’s also in for a big wake-up call on the dangers of social media…