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Emotional intelligence

Most senior business and finance leaders recognise the importance of emotional intelligence as a key ingredient for success.

As these senior leaders demonstrate:

‘I think emotional intelligence is key. It’s the difference between someone who’s good and someone who is excellent.’ Partner, UK.

‘Emotional intelligence, relationship-building, networking, team working skills, adaptability – these are skills you look for you in everybody but in finance particularly.’ CFO, Europe.

Over this series of four short webinar recordings (each one is 15-30 mins long), you’ll discover:

  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • Why is it so important?
  • Practical tips to help you develop your emotional intelligence.

Listen to our webinar series

The role of emotional intelligence in students

This article from ‘yourdost’ looks at emotional intelligence from a student perspective. It highlights the importance of emotional intelligence and there are tips to enhance your emotional intelligence, reduce your exam stress and increase your performance too. It is important to improve on this skill so you will be ready for your future with a strong mindset.