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Employability skills

Transferable skills. Employability skills. Soft skills. Competencies. Key behaviours. They all refer to the same thing: the skills, behaviours and personal attributes that make you more likely to secure and be successful in your chosen career.

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The Future Professional

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  • 04 Feb 2022
As a future professional, you need to recognise which skills you may need to possess to be successful in your chosen career. Not all jobs will ask for the same skill set, but some skills and behaviours are valued by most employers around the world. Here are just a few of the skills needed by the future professional.
Key employability skills and their definitions

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What does the research say?

We interviewed senior ICAEW Chartered Accountants around the world about what skills and behaviours they saw as the key for the future.

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Which skills and behaviours do employers want to see?

We explain what an employer typically looks for in any recruit.

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From student to future professional

As a new professional starting work, there are many ways you can help drive your career forward.

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Commercial awareness

Think of commercial awareness as an employer wanting to see evidence of your general knowledge of business.

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Communication skills

When it comes to your career, communication is key.

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Problem solving

It is a vital everyday skill that you will need to have for your personal and professional life.

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Emotional intelligence

Most senior business and finance leaders recognise the importance of emotional intelligence as a key ingredient for success.

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Resilience and adaptability

Resilience, determination and adaptability are all key qualities required by students, future professionals and successful business leaders.

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Team work and collaboration

Teamwork involves working collaboratively with a group of people to achieve a goal or common purpose.

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Time management

Being responsible and meeting deadlines doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice.