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Hodgson Impey

A simplified family tree for the firm of Hodgson Impey showing the development of the firm and how the firm's name has evolved.

A simplified family tree for the firm of Hodgson Impey showing the development of the firm and how the firm's name has evolved.

Family Tree

This tree is reproduced with the kind permission of Peter Boys and Accountancy magazine. It was originally published in the June 1989 issue of Accountancy (p99).


Note 2 1878-1884 not 1878-1894

Firm name changes following Joseph Redish 1796 were: Redish & Bird 1803; Redish, Bird & Eden 1807; Redish, Bird, Eden & Co 1813; Redish, Bird & Redish 1816; Redish & Bird 1821; Redish, Bird & Price 1837; Redish & Bird 1839; Redish, Bird & Marsden 1841; Bird & Marsden 1843; George Marsden 1847; Marsden, Pearson & Wade 1870; and Chalmers & Wade 1877 (Chartered Accountants in England and Wales: A Guide to Historical Records, Wendy Habgood (ed), Manchester University Press, 1994). It seems likely that the name change to Chalmers, Wade & Co was in 1887, rather than 1886, when H E Abbott became a partner (Henry Edward Abbott's obituary, The Accountant, 28 May 1927, p.829).

Edward Thomas Peirson began in practice in 1853 (The Accountant, October 1874, p.16).

R L Impey began in practice in 1871 (Robert L Impey's obituary, The Accountant, 21 September 1935, p.408).

Robert Hodgson began in practice in 1881 (Robert Hodgson's obituary, The Accountant, 11 March 1916, p.307).

Chalmers, Wade, Voisey & Co became part of Chalmers, Wade, Impey, Cudworth & Co in 1961. The former firm's history is: Joseph Davies & Co pre-1872; Davies, Voisey & Davies pre-1880; Lewis Voisey 1883; Voisey & Worthington 1895; Louis Adrian Voisey 1898; L A Voisey & Co 1934; and Chalmers, Wade, Voisey & Co 1956. Joseph Davies was the first president of the Society of Accountants in England 1872-77 and a member of the first Council of the ICAEW. Lewis Voisey was a member of the first Council of the Society of Accountants in England (1872). Voisey & Co became independent of Chalmers, Impey & Co in January 1985 before the merger which created Hodgson Impey. (Rules and Regulations of the Society of Accountants in England, 1875; The Accountant, 7 July 1877, p.12; 'Those first councillors ... a golden heritage', Bob Parker, Accountancy, May 1980, pp.36-42; Accountancy, July 1990, p.4; and ICAEW List of Members, 1881-1988.)


Hodgson Impey and Kidsons merged from 1 May 1990 to form Kidsons Impey. The Humberside office of Hodgson Impey merged with Price Waterhouse from 1 April 1990. The Liverpool office of Hodgson Impey merged with Pannell Kerr Forster from 1 May 1990. (Accountancy Age, 29 March 1990, p.1 and 5 April 1990, p.2, and Accountancy, March 1990, p.10 and April 1990, p.8)

Kidsons Impey became HLB Kidsons from 1 May 1999 to reflect its international network of firms (Accountancy Age, 4 March 1999, p.1).

HLB Kidsons amalgamated with Baker Tilly on 1 April 2002, the new firm practising under the latter name (Accountancy, February 2002, p.10).

What's in a name: Firms' simplified family trees

Between January and December 1989, accounting historian Peter Boys prepared a series of simplified family trees showing the development of the big accountancy firms of the day.

The original trees from 1989 have been reproduced here with a series of textual updates from Peter Boys which have taken the story forward to May 2005, the 125th anniversary of ICAEW. Since then, the staff of the ICAEW Library & Information Service have added notes on further changes that have taken place.

If you are aware of any further information which would add to or improve the accuracy of the family trees please let us know. You can contact us at library@icaew.com

© Original trees are copyright of Accountancy Magazine and CCH.

© Updates are copyright of Peter Boys.