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What's in a name

Firms' simplified family trees on the web

Between January and December 1989, the respected accounting historian Peter Boys prepared a series of simplified family trees showing the development of the big accountancy firms of the day. The original trees from 1989 have been reproduced here with a series of textual updates from Peter Boys which have taken the story forward to May 2005, the 125th anniversary of ICAEW

To find a firm in the family trees click on the first letter of the firm's name and locate the name in that section of the index.

When you have found the firm you are looking for click on the link to the family tree given alongside it (eg. click on the link to the Coopers & Lybrand family tree if you are looking at an entry that says 'Arthur Daniell - see Coopers & Lybrand'). The firm you are looking for will be located in this tree.

Compiled and revised by Peter Boys, BA FCA, May 2005.

Original trees are copyright of Accountancy Magazine and CCH.

The A-Z index, updates and the introduction are copyright of Peter Boys.

Additional updates by the ICAEW Library & Information Service.