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ICAEW Past Presidents

A chronological list charting the Presidents, Vice Presidents and Deputy Presidents of the ICAEW from 1880 to the present day.

The ICAEW Royal Charter stipulated the first president and vice-president. Since then, the positions have been elected by Members of the ICAEW Council at the first meeting of the Council after each Annual Meeting (as specified in the bye laws) along with the position of deputy-president when this was added in 1966.

The normal succession from vice-president to president (via deputy-president from 1966) has only operated since the Second World War. Before that it was not unusual for presidents to serve more than one term of office. Not all vice-presidents became presidents; and on a few occasions a member became president without first serving as vice-president.

For details of our current President, Deputy President and Vice-president please see the office holders page









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For the 125th anniversary of ICAEW in 2005 Peter Boys updated his article from 1990 analysing the Past presidents from 1880 to 2005, looking at aspects such as the breakdown of firms that the presidents served with. Peter Boys kindly gave the ICAEW Library & Information Service permission to reproduce the updated article on our website and this can be downloaded in PDF format.

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