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ICAEW history

The ICAEW Library & Information Service provides a range of articles and publications that can help researchers looking into the history of ICAEW and Chartered Accountants' Hall.

The Guide to historical resources

This guide highlights some of the material and the tools available within the ICAEW Library & Information collection that can be used by researchers to trace the history of the profession, the evolution of accounting practice and the lives of accountants.

History of the Institute and Chartered Accountants' Hall

Institute People

District Societies

Several of our district societies have written histories of their society

Institute documents and publications


The structure of the ICAEW examination system and the names of examinations have changed over time, which can make it a hard task to track down past examinations.

In these pages we aim to help you track down the examination papers and their associated publications through the years - with pointers on where you can find online resources for recent and current examinations.

Archival material held at London Metropolitan Archives

A substantial collection of archival material from ICAEW has been deposited at London Metropolitan Archives, including material relating to the Institute of Accountants and Society of Incorporated Accountants and Auditors.

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