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Research Guide

Finding historical ACA examination materials

ICAEW's ACA examinations have changed a number of times over the years, which can make it a hard task to track down past examination papers and associated materials.
This research guide sets out where to find historical materials relating to ACA examinations, highlighting relevant holdings in the ICAEW Library and elsewhere.
  • Examination papers
    The Library holds ACA examination papers from 1882 to the present day, with some gaps.
  • Pass lists
    Pass lists and related information for historical ACA examinations going back to 1882 can be found in a number of sources, held in the ICAEW Library and elsewhere.
  • Regulations and syllabuses
    The Library holds an incomplete collection of ACA examination regulations and syllabuses, along with other associated publications. Related materials are also held in the London Metropolitan Archives.
  • Learning materials
    The Library holds an incomplete collection of learning materials, study guides and revision guides for the Institute's ACA examinations.
  • Reports
    The Library holds reports on ACA examinations from 1972 onwards.
  • Suggested answers
    The Library holds a range of suggested answers, illustrative scripts, and mark plans for historical ACA examinations, going back to 1887.

We also have two pages which give some details of what the first ICAEW examinations were like:

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