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Risk management and financial institutions

Looks at the activities of financial institutions, explains their regulation, and covers market risk, credit risk, operational risk, liquidity risk and model risk.

Good retirement guide 2023: everything you need to know about health, property, investment, leisure, work, pensions and tax

Contains information, suggestions and advice on all aspects of retirement and beyond.

Quantitative methods for ESG finance

An introduction to ESG finance from a quantitative analyst's perspective. Combines the theoretical and quantitative basis underlying risk factor investing and risk management with an in-depth discussion of ESG applications.

US GAAP 2023: Interpretation and application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Provides explanations, illustrations and examples of all current US generally accepted accounting principles.

EU VAT compass 2022/2023

Examines the VAT system of the EU.

Value pricing for accounting professionals: a complete guide for accountants and bookkeepers to find the right clients and increase profitability

Looks at how accountants and bookkeepers are pricing themselves incorrectly. Assessing the value of preparing accounts can be difficult - this book focuses on a practical approach with case studies of firms of accountants and bookkeepers sharing their story of how they've managed to get better prices and better results.

Private equity and venture capital

This book summarises the theoretical background of private equity and venture capital industry; provides and updated overview in terms of volume and trends of private equity and venture capital; and includes practical examples of valuation in the private equity and venture capital industry.

Hands-on financial modeling with Excel for Microsoft 365: build your own practical financial models for effective forecasting, valuation, trading, and growth analysis

Financial modeling is a core skill required by anyone who wants to build a career in finance. This book explores financial modeling terminologies with the help of Excel. Starting with the key concepts of Excel, such as formulas and functions, this updated second edition will help you to learn all about referencing frameworks and other advanced components for building financial models.

BVB Insights 2022 overview

An in-depth overview of transaction multiples paid for UK private companies for the year ended December 2021.

IFRS 2022: Interpretation and application of IFRS standards

A revised and comprehensive resource that includes the information needed to interpret and apply the most recent International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS®) as outlined by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). This accessible resource contains a wide range of practical examples as well as invaluable guidance on the expanding framework for unified financial reporting.

Valuing a business: the analysis and appraisal of closely held companies

Covers different valuation principles and methods.

Practitioner's guide to GAAS 2022: covering all SASs, SSAEs, SSARSs, and interpretations

This book reduces the official language of Statements on Auditing Standards (SASs), Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAEs), Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services (SSARSs), and the interpretations of those standards into easy-to-read and understandable advice.

Australian tax 2022

This book is designed to fast-track the attainment of both routine and complex tax technical skills through the use of a modern step-by-step appraoch to explaining Australia's difficult taxation laws.

Guerrilla data analysis using Microsoft Excel: conquering crap data and Excel skirmishes.

Includes examples and case studies that teach users the tricks for analysing data in Excel.

Excel data analysis for dummies

For those new to data analysis. Takes the reader on a tour of Excel's data analysis tools.

Doing business in India: the PESTEL framework

Examines India's position in global business. Highlights case studies of foreign businesses which have achieved success in India despite the tough market.

Financial modeling in Excel for dummies

This books provides practical hands-on exercises to help you build powerful models from scratch, and to work with existing financial models in Excel. Includes chapters on tools and techniques for financial modeling, applying scenarios, charting and presenting model output, building an integrated financial statements model, discounted cash flow valuation, and budgeting for capital expenditure and depreciation.

Joint ventures and shareholders' agreements

A guide to the law and practice in this core area of corporate law surrounding joint ventures and shareholders' agreements.

Private client: wills, trusts and estate planning

A comprehensive and user-friendly examination of the legal and taxation implications arising from estate planning work within the private client department of a solicitors' firm. The guide deals in a practical way with all the areas confronting the practitioner on a day-to-day basis, from tax and financial planning to the administration of trusts. Worked examples illustrate how to calculate the tax position of the client. This new edition has been updated to take account of recent decisions such as Smith v Michelmores Trust Corp Ltd.

Fundamentals of transfer pricing: general topics and specific transactions

This guide explores the practical application of transfer pricing rules, offering examples and international judicial precedents. Chapters cover transfer pricing methods, approaches to prevent and resolve disputes, documentation, attribution of profits to permanent establishments, and specific transactions (such as services, financing, intangibles and business restructurings).

Accountants' negligence and liability

An in-depth practical work covering all the main areas of accountants' legal liabilities in negligence claims, including audit liabilities to clients and others, tax and insolvency work and conflicts of interest. It covers accountants' negligence in relation to claims against accountants acting for corporations as well as accountants acting for individuals.

BVB insights: data and analysis on UK private company multiples

Independent analysts, from BVB Ltd, have collated and interpreted transactions data involving private companies. The result is an in-depth overview of transaction multiples paid for UK private companies for the year ended December 2020 (previous editions are also available).

BVB Insights 2021 overview

An in-depth overview of transaction multiples paid for UK private companies for the year ended December 2020.

Valuing businesses using regression analysis: a quantitative approach to the guideline company transaction method

Demystifies regression-based valuation through simple explanations, easy-to-understand charts, and time-saving bonus resources. Current methodologies using median, quartiles, or standard deviations to calculate revenue multipliers and cash flow multipliers often produce values that are wildly divergent.

Asset allocation and private markets: a guide to investing with private equity, private debt, and private real assets

When people talked about “investments,” they basically meant publicly traded stocks and bonds. While there’s no standard definition of alternative investments, they can be understood as “alternatives to stocks and bonds” or simply “everything else,” and decades ago they were largely unknown.

European tax handbook 2021

The 2021 European Tax Handbook covers surveys on 49 countries and jurisdictions. All information on the European tax systems has been updated to reflect, as much as possible, the laws applicable in 2021.

ESG investing for dummies

Aims to educate potential ESG investors about the opportunities, but to also highlight the risks.

Beyond audit: auditing remotely and delivering value

Beyond Audit is your guide to taking advantage of this unique moment to review and enhance your audit methodology to improve execution, operations, and audit product.

Data visualization with Excel dashboards and reports

Large corporations like IBM and Oracle are using Excel dashboards and reports as a Business Intelligence tool, and many other smaller businesses are looking to these tools in order to cut costs for budgetary reasons.

Accounting disrupted

This book delivers a powerful analysis of the new technological forces buffeting the accounting profession. Using case studies and practical examples, the author demonstrates how big data, blockchain, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence can help accountants adapt to new realities.

Management Accounting for Decision Makers

This book is directed primarily at those following an introductory course in management accounting. Many readers will be studying at a university or college, perhaps majoring in accounting or in another area, such as business studies, IT, tourism or engineering. Other readers, however, may be studying independently, perhaps with no qualification in mind.

Corporate governance and accountability of financial institutions: the power and illusion of quality corporate disclosure

Corporate governance is concerned with structures and the allocation of responsibilities within companies. It deals with the decision-making at the level of the board of directors and is therefore to be distinguished from the day-to-day operational management of the company by the senior management.

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