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Top 20 eBooks

Available online to ICAEW members and ACA students

We compile an annual list of the most frequently accessed eBooks in our collection. Find the most popular titles and see which topics our readers are most interested in.
  1. International GAAP 2020
    EY (2020)
  2. UK GAAP 2019: Generally Accepted Accounting Practice under UK and Irish GAAP
    Rob Carrington, EY (2019)
  3. Housing SORP 2018: Statement of Recommended Practice for registered social housing providers
    National Housing Federation, Community Housing Cymru, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations and Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations (2018)
  4. Interpretation and Application of UK GAAP for Accounting Periods Commencing on or After 1 January 2015
    Steve Collings (2015)
  5. UK GAAP Financial Statement Disclosures Manual
    Steve Collings (2016)
  6. Using Excel for Business and Financial Modelling: A practical guide
    Danielle Stein Fairhurst (2019)
  7. Taxation: Finance Act 2019
    Alan Melville (2020)
  8. Modern Internal Auditing
    Robert Moeller (2009)
  9. Hands-on Financial Modeling with Microsoft Excel 2019: Build practical models for forecasting, valuation, trading, and growth analysis using Excel 2019
    Shmuel Oluwa (2019)
  10. The Good Retirement Guide 2020
    Jonquil Lowe (2020)
  11. Wiley US GAAP 2020: Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
    Joanne M. Flood (2020)
  12. Wiley IFRS 2018: Interpretation and Application of IFRS Standards
    PKF, Salim Alibhai (2018)
  13. Accounting Control Best Practices
    Steven M. Bragg (2009)
  14. BVB Insights: Data and analysis on UK private company multiples (2019 ed.)
    Business Valuation Benchmarks (2019)
  15. UK GAAP 2017: Generally Accepted Accounting Practice Under UK and Irish GAAP
    EY, Mike Bonham (2017)
  16. Financial Accounting and Reporting
    Barry Elliott and Jamie Elliott (2019)
  17. QFinance Calculation Toolkit
    Bloomsbury (2013)
  18. BVB Insights: Data and analysis on UK private company multiples (2020 ed.)
    Business Valuation Benchmarks (2020)
  19. Big Data in Practice: How 45 successful companies used big data analytics to deliver extraordinary results
    Bernard Marr (2016)
  20. A Non-Technical Guide to International Accounting
    Roger Hussey (2020)

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Top 20 books

We also compile a Top 20 books list of our most frequently borrowed print titles.
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