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Renewing books

You can renew books borrowed from the ICAEW's Library and Information Service using the online functionality provided in our online catalogue, LibCat, or by contacting a member of the enquiry team on +44 (0)20 7920 8620.

To renew a book:

Go to the online catalogue

Click on the option to Renew my materials in the menu bar.

library book renewal button

You should now see a login screen.

library book renewals login screen

You will need to enter your membership number or user ID and your PIN number, as explained below:

  • If you are an ICAEW member please use your ICAEW Membership number and your four digit PIN (if this is your first time using online renewals or you have forgotten your PIN please contact the Library team to get your PIN number).
  • If you are not an ICAEW member but have borrowed books from the library please use your User ID and your four digit PIN (if this is your first time using online renewals or you have forgotten your User ID/PIN please contact the Library team to get your User ID and PIN number).

Click on the option List Charged Items.

library book renewal selection screen

The system will show you a list of books eligible for renewal.

  • If you would like to renew all the books you have borrowed choose Renew all and click on Renew selected items
  • If you would like to renew some of the items you have borrowed choose Select Items to Renew and tick the items you wish to renew. Click on Renew selected items

If the renewal was successful the message ‘item was renewed’ will be displayed with the new due date.

library book renewal success message

If the renewal was unsuccessful the message ‘item failed to be renewed’ will be displayed along with the reason the book(s) could not be renewed.


How many times can I renew a book?
You can renew a book 4 times – either online, by contacting the library team or by a combination of options – provided no other member has placed a reservation on the book.

How do I get a PIN number to use the online renewals service?
Please contact the Library team by email at library@icaew.com, by telephone on +44 (0)20 7920 8620 or through live chat.

Why has the system failed to renew my book(s)?
The system will not renew books if a reservation has been placed on the book by another user or if you have reached the maximum number of renewals.

Why does the system say that I am barred when I try to log in?
The system automatically bars any user with books that are still outstanding thirty days after the date they were due back. You will not be able to borrow or renew any books until the outstanding books are returned to the library.

Help and support

If you would like help requesting, reserving or renewing a book, please get in touch with the library team by telephone on +44 (0)20 7920 8620, by email at library@icaew.com or by using Live chat.