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CAW network member logo

Show the world that you are a Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network Member by using the CAW network member logo on your stationery, website, business card and email signature today.

What is the Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network?

It’s the combined strength of 750,000 chartered accountants and over 1m students from 15 chartered accountancy institutes all around the world. Together we demonstrate our global commitment to the highest ethical, technical and professional standards.

What is the CAW network member logo?

It’s a way to show that you are part of a wider global network of chartered accountants.

Who can use it?

All individual ICAEW members who are entitled to use the ACA or FCA designation. 

Benefits of using the logo

Being a member of ICAEW gives you access to the global network of Chartered Accountants Worldwide. You can connect with other members in the global network, expand your professional connections and access resources to keep your skills up to date.

The logo shows that you are part of this global network helping you to stand out in an increasingly competitive market whilst demonstrating that you have the skills needed to service your local market. 

Download the logo today!

Simply click on the link below to download the CAW network member logo, guidelines and promotional toolkit.

Any queries on the use of this toolkit should be directed to CAW at info@charteredaccountantsworldwide.com.