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Show the world that you are a member of the Chartered Accountants Worldwide (CAW) network by using the CAW network member logo on all your communications today.

The Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network Member logo

Your Chartered Accountant designation is an internationally recognised symbol of professional excellence, and we encourage all our members to display your letters after your name.

The CAW Network Member logo is exclusive to qualified members. When it’s displayed in conjunction with your Chartered Accountancy designation, you’ll gain additional local and global prestige.

In fact, research indicates that by doing so, business leaders and clients will see you as more relevant to helping them do business internationally.

What is the CAW Network Member logo?

It’s a way to show that you are part of a wider global network of chartered accountants.

Where to display the logo

You can display the member-exclusive CAW Network Member logo along with your CA designation in a variety of places, including:

  • Your website
  • Letterhead and other stationery
  • Your LinkedIn page
  • Email signature
  • Business card
  • Social-media profile

Where to download the CAW Network Member logo

The more individual ICAEW members display the logo along with their Chartered Accountancy designation, the wider the recognition your qualification will gain.

Follow the download link below and show the world that you’re part of something bigger.