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Tax resources for career breakers

A list of resources available to help you ensure you're up to date with the latest changes in tax policy and practice when returning to work.

Recent developments:
Update to PCRT ICAEW, along with other leading UK accountancy and tax bodies, have updated PCRT (Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation) which provides guidance on how tax advisers and agents should act in difficult situations. The new guidance was published on 1 November 2016 and comes into effect on 1 March 2017.
Tax representations As the voice of tax for the ICAEW, the Tax Faculty responds to consultations on potential changes to tax policy and practice. Access the latest representations.
Tax News Stay up to date with the latest developments in tax by joining the Tax Faculty's online community or subscribing to their free weekly email: TAXwire.
Digitalisation of tax - international perspectives The Tech Faculty, with support form the Tax Faculty, has examine how digital technology has been harnessed by international tax administrations to reduce costs and improve compliance and tax yields, while crucially assessing the future challenges these economies face.


Key resources:
Tax Faculty The Tax Faculty is ICAEW's voice on tax and provides practical guidance on tax practice and policy. Joining the faculty provides you with a monthly magazine, regular webinars and online technical guidance.
Webinars The Tax Faculty run webinars each month with expert analysis and advice on key tax topics. You can access a selection of recordings and slides, as well as and questions from participants answered by the presenters.
Working with HMRC

The Tax Faculty has created a range of useful resources for tax advisers to help their work with HMRC. These include lists of HMRC contacts and links, as well as guidance on how to make complaints, VAT MOSS and RTI. It also includes a summary of tax rates and allowances and tips on how to use HMRC's toolkits.

Technical update for career breakers April 2017

Tax presentation

Download the slides which accompanied a presentation by Sarah Ghaffari, Technical Manager SME Business Tax in the Tax Faculty at a technical update for career breakers in April 2017.

They are aimed at signposting areas where there have been significant changes but should not be relied on by themselves.