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How to find a job online

It has become the norm to advertise jobs online. Companies use a range of online media including the following.

  • ICAEW Jobs 
  • Specialist finance recruitment sites 
  • The company’s own website
  • And increasingly, networks such as LinkedIn

You’ll need to be prepared to do some browsing, but the information below might help you narrow the search a bit.

Dos and don’ts

These might be obvious, but:

  • Do keep your stored CV up to date
  • Do tailor cover notes for each application
  • Don’t apply for the same job on different job boards – this just annoys recruiters
  • Don’t apply for several jobs from the same employer/recruiter – it will look as though you don’t know what you want to do
How to use a recruitment website

1. Search effectively:

  • Don’t just rely on the category search – many jobs are posted incorrectly
  • Do look at pages two and three of the search results page. Companies sometimes pay to appear on page one and they are not necessarily the most relevant match
  • Use the advanced search to return more accurate results
  • Also check the A-Z listings for company profiles: they have some great information and usually a good contact name and number

2. Promote yourself:

  • Upload your CV and make sure you allow it to be searchable 
  • Always fill out the profile as well – don’t rely on your CV alone
  • Keep your details up to date

The dedicated online recruitment portal for ICAEW was set up specifically to support members’ careers.

  • Browse an extensive selection of jobs for qualified accountants
  • Upload your CV, sign up to job alerts, receive a fortnightly Top Jobs email
  • Search UK and international vacancies
  • Choose from full-time, part-time and voluntary positions

When a potential employer Googles you, what will they find? Facebook pictures of your birthday party? Photos of your dog on Flickr? Hopefully, they’ll also find your professional profile on LinkedIn.com.

This professional networking site is well-optimised for search, so it appears high in search results. Your profile creates a branded page for you, with a URL you can use in your CV. 

  • Let people know you are looking for a job by using your status on your profile (but remember your current boss might see this!)
  • Enhance your profile by getting some recommendations from colleagues or clients
  • Join groups which show off your specialties, such as the FD group or the ICAEW group 
  • Find contacts in companies you are interested in
  • Use the job search area to find vacancies posted to the site
The best of the rest …


  • Strong in general accountancy
  • Strong in mid-level roles c£40–60k 
  • Vacancies worldwide


  • Financial services, large audit firms, big business 
  • UK and international, especially London and south east England 
  • Interesting news and discussion sections


  • Similar jobs to the magazine 
  • UK focus
  • Stronger in junior and mid-level roles


  • Senior roles – £70k+ , not just finance 
  • UK and international
  • Owned by the FT – many jobs also appear in the newspaper