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How does it work?

At ICAEW, we’re working hard to make a career as a chartered accountant as accessible as possible to students from all backgrounds, and we need your help to achieve this. By registering as a volunteer, you’ll be signing up to donate one to two hours of your time to support the student recruitment team at ICAEW. Collaboratively, we’re aiming to hit a target of 500 hours donated to support students across the UK in the 20/21 academic year

Coronovirus (COVID-19)

Due to COVID-19, all volunteering opportunities will be carried out virtually until we are able to start doing face to face events again safely, and in line with government regulations. We will ensure that you have the necessary training and information to do this successfully


We have a wide range of opportunities to suit your interests with:

You’ll be able to select your preferred opportunities on the registration form.


To register, all you need to do is complete this short form.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a welcome pack with the relevant role profiles for the opportunities you selected. The role profiles will clearly outline what is expected of you before you attend the school or university.

When an appropriate opportunity comes up, we’ll contact you as soon as possible to see whether it’s suitable. If it is, we’ll make all the necessary arrangements for you. If it isn’t, just let us know and we’ll contact you when the next opportunity aligned to your interests comes up.

We’ll keep you regularly updated with the total amount of hours completed.

Catherine Salzedo