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Our 2022/23 anti-money laundering supervision report has been published. Read the most common anti-money laundering findings we saw during our reviews, access relevant resources and find out more about how we are evolving our supervisory approach.

In particular, firms should read the report to understand our most common anti-money laundering findings, and access relevant resources to support compliance in these areas.

We recommend firms read the whole report for more resources and information, including a forward look at our AML supervisory activity for 2023/24.

ICAEW believes that professional bodies continue to have an important role to play in the AML supervision of the accountancy sector. ICAEW continues to participate in all relevant public-private forums and to work with HM Treasury, law enforcement and the professional body supervisors to deliver a coordinated response to the threat of money laundering and terrorist financing in the UK.

Angela Foyle Chair, AML Project Board, Member of the ICAEW Regulatory Board.

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Read the 2022/23 AML supervision report to find out the results of our quality assurance monitoring activity.

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