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Insolvency News

Insolvency News is an update produced by ICAEW's Professional Standards Department. Here you’ll find the latest regulatory information and resources. We email insolvency practitioners when a new issue of Insolvency News is available. If you have any questions relating to the articles in the bulletin, please contact our technical advisory services team via our webchat service icaew.com/webchat.

Insolvency News, Issue 12 (February 2023)

Read about some of the key outcomes from last year's quality assurance monitoring visits, familiarise yourself with forthcoming changes to SIP 3.1, access HMRC's latest bulletins and sign up to our next live webinar.

Insolvency News, Issue 11 (October 2022)

In this issue of Insolvency News, the Insolvency Service confirms work it is undertaking to support you in relation to Bounce Back Loans, HMRC issues new updates including one regarding Director’s Loan Accounts and there is an opportunity to sign up for two live insolvency webinars. We also invite you to apply for a remunerated role on our Insolvency Licensing Committee and highlight two recent articles from our series on the Future of Insolvency.

Insolvency News, Issue 10 (August 2022)

This issue includes guidance on insolvency compliance reviews and how to avoid a breach of the ICAEW Insolvency Licensing Regulations, access to updated checklists for personal and corporate casework, invitations to join us for the Restructuring & Insolvency Community autumn roadshows and a pension scheme matters for insolvency professionals’ webinar.

Insolvency News, Issue 9 (July 2022)

This issue includes an invite to join us at one of our virtual Restructuring & Insolvency roadshows and to the ‘Pension issues for Insolvency Practitioners’ webinar. And there are two important updates including an enforcement notice about debt management advertisements and guidance from HMRC on submitting VAT returns. The Regulatory and Conduct Annual Report 2021-2022 is also included as well as an on-demand conference session about online mediation from the negotiator’s perspective.

Insolvency News, Issue 8 (May 2022)

Read about an update to Dear IP Article 89 as well as common pitfalls associated with the Code of Ethics. There’s also an important and timely reminder about SIP 9 and the Code of Ethics in relation to the use of SIP 9 avoidance schemes. Find out more about the Restructuring & Insolvency conference, free for the first time. Watch on-demand webinars about energy supplier insolvencies and insolvency compliance and SIP 11 annual review requirements.

Insolvency News, Issue 7 (February 2022)

This issue includes an update from our quality assurance team on the return to face-to-face visits, our response to the government's proposals to modernise the insolvency sector and a chance to have your views heard on our proposals to update and simplify our disciplinary framework. 

Insolvency News, Issue 6 (November 2021)

This issue includes updates from HMRC on their work to improve the customer journey for IPs, a reminder to ensure you have carried out your 2021 compliance review before the end of the year, as well as an article from the Insolvency Service encouraging the flexible and considerate treatment of customers following the growing number of energy supplier insolvencies.

Insolvency News, Issue 5 (August 2021)

This issue includes the latest bulletins from HMRC, new Defence Against Money Laundering guidance for insolvency practitioners and a consultation regarding SIP 3.1 (Individual Voluntary Arrangements).

Insolvency News, Issue 4 (June 2021)

This issue includes the latest bulletins from HMRC, new eligibility criteria for Debt Relief Orders and answers to your frequently asked questions relating to the updated SIP 9. 

Insolvency News, Issue 3 (March 2021)

This issue includes new guidance on marketing and advertising in the IVA sector, updated SIPs 3.2, 7 and 9 and advance warning that SIP 16 will also be updated soon due to new legislation.

Insolvency News, Issue 2 (November 2020)

This issue contains updated guidance on Insolvency Compliance Reviews; the latest bulletins from HMRC and our Quality Assurance webinar which contains information on current areas of particular focus and recurrent issues you should be aware of.

Insolvency News, Issue 1 (June 2020)

In this issue, find out more about new resources, NOCLAR and the new Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act.