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Why choose an accountant for probate services?

Hear some of the advantages of seeking help from an ICAEW probate accredited accountant.

Case studies

Clients of ICAEW probate accredited firms talk about their experience of using their accountant for help with probate

Clare Francis: Clear communication and transparency

Clare Francis’s first port of call for probate support was her parents’ accountant.

Sam Crossby: The human touch

Chartered accountants Ward Williams offered the right combination of empathy and expertise to deal with probate for Sam Crossby’s mother’s estate.

Find an ICAEW probate accredited accountant

ICAEW became the first approved probate regulator and licensing authority outside the legal profession in 2014. Since then more than 300 of its member firms have become accredited for probate services.

Further information

The benefits of using a regulated Chartered Accountant

If you are seeking accountancy advice, you want to be reassured your accountant has the appropriate education, experience and qualifications (see Professional services), to provide high quality independent advice and services – after all, you wouldn't go to an unqualified or unregulated doctor for medical advice. If you select an unqualified or unregulated accountant to handle your finances or tax work, you may have nowhere to turn if there are problems with the quality of their advice, their conduct or their standards of service. This is where ICAEW, ICAEW Chartered Accountants and ICAEW firms can help.