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How to nurture strategic thinking

Siobhan Soraghan of Active Insight Consulting Limited explains the three main strategy questions that can be applied to individuals and organisations to enhance their strategic decision-making capabilities

BusinessModelMany moons ago, as a young MBA graduate, I was asked this simple question at an important interview: “So, what is strategy”? A surge of panic struck. The strategic management course had been one of my favourites. We had covered many tools to address this – industry analysis, competitive groupings, models for assessing corporate culture … I was soon to discover that I had gained a distinction for my paper on managing strategic change.

Yet in that moment, my brain flooded with the copious materials we’d covered. I stalled, unable to see the wood for the trees. The succinct answer only became clear to me on my way home. Lesson learned – don’t get lost in the tools and methodologies of strategy, keep in mind its simple core purpose. Hopefully this article, written with several decades of real life under my belt, will help you do that too.