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Special Report 66: Managing change

Change is inevitable, it is all around us. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock recently, your personal and/or professional life will have changed by some measure over the last year. BAM are here to help, with our special report on managing change, we can help successfully guide you through inevitable change that is happening, and will continue to happen, with our practical tips and hands on approach.

Change is all around us, that’s life, nothing is constant. Moore's Law states that the processing power of computers will double every two years, but this observation can easily be applied to life, and to the rapid pace of change all around us, from technology and beyond. When I was growing up, I remember running home after football matches to check the other scores on BBC Ceefax; nowadays my post-match ritual consists of watching highlights, analysis and interviews on my phone minutes after full time. Think of holidays in days gone by - you would go and get your film-based photos developed and gather round with friends and family to relive the adventures. Instead, we now live stream our frolics via WhatsApp, Facebook et al to an audience across the world. This pace of change is unrelenting and has made the world undoubtedly smaller, but how do we cope with it all?

We at BAM think we have stumbled across an idea of how to do so with this special report, released at a crucial time. Developments continue to abound at home and abroad; Covid and its associated after effects that we will have to live with and adapt to for years to come are creating an unbearable atmosphere of tension, so how do you continue to run your business through this perfect storm, which is also ever changing? Our writers here believe they have the answer. We have attempted to compile a special report covering all possible bases and angles of change, and deliberately ensured there are takeaway lessons included, so you can start applying, or accepting, that change immediately.

So embrace the inevitable change, and use it as an opportunity and not a threat, there's very little you can do about it anyway. Be sure to keep hold of this guide, refer back to it, use it, and most important of all, if you disagree with any of it or think we can do better, please let us know.

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Dipak Vashi, Technical Manager, Business and Management Faculty